June 22, 2013

Saturday Morning Life & Shared Links

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Good morning, peeps!  And what a glorious morning it is.  The sun has been up and shining for nearly as long as I have.  Ha!  I've been up, but I've never been accused of "shining" in the morning.  I am pretty pumped today, though, because it's sneak preview day of the library's used book sale.  For a $5 fee I can get first crack at all those lovely books for a mere $1 for hardcover editions and 50 cents for paperbacks.  Thursday I will revisit when books are sold for the amazing price of ....all you can cram in a bag for $1!!

**UPDATE:  I'm back from the used book sale.  This is today's haul.

Hardcover Fiction @ $1 each:

Patricia Cornwell - Scarpetta, The Scarpetta Factor
Vince Flynn - The Last Man
Kathy Reichs - Bones Are Forever
Nora Roberts - Chasing Fire
Valerie Block - None of Your Business
Jenna Blum - The Stormchasers
Jayne Ann Krentz - Light in Shadow

Paperback Fiction @ 50 cents each:

Janet Evanovich - Wife for Hire, Naughty Neighbor
Vince Flynn - Memorial Day, Consent to Kill
Rebecca M. Hale - Nine Lives Last Forever
Don Hoesel - Elisha's Bones

Hardcover Non-fiction @ FREE!:

Reader's Digest - Kitchen Cabinet Cures, Foods That Harm - Foods That Heal
McDougal Littell - The Writer's Craft
Gooseberry Patch - Christmas #2
Taste of Home - Contest Winning Annual Recipes 2004
O Magazine - O's Guide to Life, Live Your Best Life, O's Big Book of Happiness

I love the library's used book sale.

The Boss-man is working today.  He worked yesterday.  He's informed me he is working on July 4.  Boo!  Yes, work has finally picked up.  Good thing.  That probably means 6 days a week for the next few months...with the exception of our vacation.  Not so good, but what can you do?  We are just thankful there IS work when so many these days have none.  We are blessed.

The Princess got a part-time job at the local amusement park.  She is an attendant on the water slides.  It will end with Labor Day, but at least it's something for now.  She is also staying with a friend for a while....kind of putting a little distance between us to give us both time to de-stress.  Two adult women in the same house when one is the queen bee and the other is chomping to leave the hive and test her own queenly-ness is NOT a good combination.

Had a great afternoon yesterday.  A younger friend from work and her daughter came to swim....and by younger, I mean only a couple years older than the Princess and younger than my son.  She is the one who pursued the friendship this winter at work, but she's a nice girl....little rough around the edges but fun and her daughter is a cutie.  It was so nice to have a little one enjoying the pool!  She also friended Princess on Facebook and was, I think, a little disappointed she wasn't around.  I talked to my girl, though, and we're going to try to all be here to swim on Tuesday....if the weather cooperates.  I think the two of them will hit it off and be friends.  They like ALL the same things.

Okay, you didn't come to listen to me rattle on so let's get to the links I found for you this week!

This article hit close to the heart this week, but it's chock full of great advice for dealing with adult children so I thought you might find it useful.

My mom, the Princess and I planned on having a garage sale.  It was the Princess's idea.  Now she isn't so sure she wants to do it and Mom and I have decided to delay having one until the beginning of August....after our vacation and before Mom and her husband have to head to Florida for his annual check-in at the cancer center.  Still, it was on my mind and I did a lot of scouting around for tips in the hope of having a successful one.  So, just in case you are thinking of having one this year...

101 Garage Sale Tips for Sellers
Having a Successful Yard Sale.....by the Yard Sale Queen
How to Operate a Successful Garage Sale....from Consumer Reports

Maybe you don't want to sell.  Maybe scouting for bargains to buy is more your thing.  Got you covered, too.

How to Shop at Garage Sales....informative article from One Cent at a Time.
How to Shop for Furniture at Garage Sales 

What do you do with the stuff that doesn't sell or the stuff you bought and now you have too much stuff?

Turning Garage Sale Junk Into eBay Gold

Today, my dear blogging friend, Dawn, has a wonderful post on how to walk with your man.

And I want to share Ann Voskamp's Letter to the North American Church because it blessed me so much.  Ann is in Africa with Compassion International this week and she has been posting from there....sharing the things she is seeing....really seeing....with her heart....filtered through God's eyes.

Of course there is my favorite Pinterest pin of the week....

Lemon Blueberry Pudding Cookies!  Blueberry season is nearly upon us and my mom and her husband have assured me it looks like it's going to be a bumper crop.  These cookies sound absolutely scrumptious!

Click for original site and recipe.

And this little gem of an idea for using old ornate picture frames or mirrors.  Simply paint the frame a lushious color then paint the glass with blackboard paint.  Ta-da!  Instant chic that will have your friends and family oohing and aahing.

Time to get ready to head out to the book sale so you all have a blessed weekend!  Stop back tomorrow for the Sunday Social.

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Beth Zimmerman said...

Those chalkboards are really pretty! And I agree ... Ann's post was great! Enjoy your summer!


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