June 23, 2013

Dressing Up the Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Time to join in the Sunday Social with Ashley.  This week's Social is all about shopping and style.  Uh-oh....style may not be my thing, but I'll give it a go.

1.  What is your favorite store to shop at?
~ M-mmm...bit of a touchy subject there.  My absolute favorite clothing store was Fashion Bug and it had been that way since I was in high school...a really long time ago.  They were bought out by the company that owns Dress Barn (among other stores) and even though they had promised the Fashion Bug stores would stay open, they closed them this past Christmas.  Sigh.  I'm working on finding a new store to shop at.

If we're talking housewares, I love Target, but end up at Wally World more often.  I like the things at Pier 1, but they are kind of expensive.

One of my favorite places to shop is an antique/architectural salvage place we discovered a couple of years ago.  They have several buildings full of treasures and get this....THEY HAVE LAYAWAY!  By layaway I mean you put down any amount you want and pay whatever you want, when you want.  The owner figures he still has the item so it's no skin off his back if you end up not paying.  My hubby bought me the corner cupboard of my dreams that way a couple of years ago.

2.  If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
~ And this is where you discover I have no style.  I'm really not into designer clothing and can't even think of more than a couple designers and those don't really design clothes for my lifestyle of the un-rich and un-famous.

3.  What is your must have closet staple?
~ I am a closet preppy at heart, no matter how much I'd like to deny it.  Back in the preppy hey-day of the 80s I was in my element with polos with the collars turned up, button down oxfords, corduroy pants with whales (yes, I actually owned a pair), sweaters, and duck shoes, and docksiders (worn sockless, off course).

I've lost the cords (especially the ones with whales), polos and oxfords, but my winter wardrobe is dominated by sweaters and turtlenecks.  I pair most anything with jeans...boot cut, please.

4.  What is your favorite kind of shoes (brand or type)?
~ This one makes me sad because I have a lot in common with Imelda Marcos....I LOVE shoes and there are some absolutely amazing shoes out there these days.  Especially heels.  I loved to wear a sharp pair of heels.  They give you confidence like nothing else.  However, due to a bad knee, two bone spurs and arthritis in my ankle....heels and I are not happening, so I've had to reevaluate.

These days it's flip-flops all summer long and sneakers or hikers for work and Fall thru Spring.

If I ever get to wear I can wear any shoe I want again, these are first on the list to buy.....

5.  What is the best clothing deal you've ever gotten (sale or amazing find)?
~ Way back in 1981 at the end of a season, I snagged a sweet pair of leather Zodiac mules, western style for $5!!  

My mules were this exact style but brown boot leather
and the stitching was done in rainbow thread.
It was the height of the Urban Cowboy craze
and I pretty much wore those babies into the ground.

6.  What is a style you'd love to try?
~ Probably something like this....totally my style, but in a much smaller (and cuter) look.


Megan said...

My corrals are my favorite shoe in my closet! I have a different boot than the one you posted, but they are oh so cute and even more comfortable. I say you make the jump and buy them ;)


Beth Zimmerman said...

I love your goal outfit! Totally my style too! Did you take a peek at the Crocs website? They add new shoes all the time and some of them are REALLY cute!

Erica G. said...

Country Outfitters boots are so cute! I'd love to own a pair too.


Kimberley T said...

Those boots look really cool and funky


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