June 29, 2013

Saturday Share - June 29, 2013

Up bright and early again today...okay, maybe not so bright, but definitely early.  Thanks dogs.  They have no respect for my night owl-ness.  And guess who is blissfully back to sleep...not me.  The hound even has the gall to be snoring.

It was nice to wake up to sunshine this morning, though.  We've had several days of rain and storms.  The pool is full clear up to the top, the fish pond has probably overflowed more than once, the ground is squishy, and the grass and weeds are growing like gangbusters!  Guess I know what I will be doing as soon as it dries out.

Tim is off today, but working on the church building.  My day is going to consist of laundry, baking a cake to take to church, laundry, more work on my sermon topic, laundry, reading, laundry...are you sensing a theme here?

Well, before the mentioned laundry takes me hostage let's get to this week's links.

Plain Chicken is a food blog whose pictures will have your stomach growling.  Check out the awesome recipes.

Reading List is a blog for readers and book lovers.

As an introvert, I found this article on how to handle introverts within the church to be interesting and spot on.

Is your church in line with God?  8 Signs of 'Hypergrace' Churches is a list of warning signs that should send you scrambling....either to find a new church or to change the one you're in.

And the Pinterest pin of the week:

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