June 07, 2013

Saturday Share - June 8, 2013

There's nothing much going on around here today.  Tim is, as usual, working on the church building.  I've got taco salad to make for the dinner after church services tonight, but other than that....  Love it!

Before I put up this week's shares, I've got a question for you.  I'm getting my hair straightened and colored again next Friday.  I'm thinking about getting it cut, too.  Right now I'm not sure what's going to happen with the color...they lost my card so we get to "reformulate."  Could be fun...I'm open to change.  As far as cuts go, I've got two styles in mind right now.

My hair is a little longer than the blonde's, but currently without all the layers.  Thoughts?  Opinions?

Okay on with this week's links.  I've got some good ones for you this week, but then I say that every week.

The Barnyard Bistro is a new food blog launched just this week.  It's author is none other than Krystal Keith, daughter of my favorite country crooner, Toby Keith.  So far it is looking delish!

Mary Anne blogs at Forever 51.  The tag line is You think it.  I say it.  Life in a hormonal household.  I honestly LOL'ed as I read.  This lady is FUNNY.

Melanie at Only a Breath shares how to make money with your blog....and it sounds so much easier than other advice I've heard or read.  I like that.  I am all about easy.

Crystal, the Money Saving Mom, shares why she thinks you should break the blogging rules.  A great read for anyone thinking of starting a blog or for those with smaller blogs.

Do you want to get free books?  Do you know a lot publishers will give you books for free in exchange for reviews on your blog?  If you have the time to read and do the reviews it's a sweet deal.  There are a lot of publishers and distributors out there so do a search and see what you can find.  To get you started, check out Tyndale House.

Amy Henry talks of finding peace during the Oklahoma storms by focusing on her eternal home.

Pinterest pin(s) of the week:

Click here to see the recipe for these amazing blackberry pie bars.

Okay, this one's just for fun.  I am a shameless
fan of Grumpy Cat's cute grumpiness.  

Have a blessed weekend!


Beth Zimmerman said...

The first hairstyle seems to me that it would suit you. Not so sure about the second. But they're both pretty!

I resisted pinning those bars when I saw them because I am making a concerted effort to get back on the low carb wagon! They do look divine though!

Stacy said...

I know how you feel about the bars. I pinned them because I always need something to take to a picnic or covered dish.


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