June 17, 2013

Sharing & Counting

I had a bit of a busy weekend and didn't get my regular posts up on time (the Sunday Social is up right before this), which actually works out okay for me today.  I don't have a thing in mind for a post so I'm going to go ahead and give you the links I had for my Saturday Share post.  I'll be continuing to count blessings, too.

First up is a video of two friends that is sure to make you smile and maybe cry.  Celebrate the selflessness of friendship as you watch a man give his friend a precious gift.  Duct tape really can do anything.

When your mother says she's fat.....how a mother views herself affects her daughter's self-image.

I love Ann Voskamp's writing.  I love that she is teaching women all over the world to find the blessings of heaven in the everyday things.  I was blessed to have heard Ann speak and then to talk with her privately, a time in which we prayed and hugged.  She speaks and feels as beautifully as she writes.  That's why I am excited to share with you that you can now purchase One Thousand Gifts as an audio book read by Ann herself.  The link will take you to a sample, where you can listen to Ann read the first chapter of the book.  Go.  If you click on no other link in this post....choose to click this one.

If you've spent any time here you probably know I am a fan of Phillip Phillips, last year's American Idol winner.  His music and lyrics are beautiful and touch a deep place in my soul.  Here is a cover of his song Home by The Piano Guys.


If, like so many these uncertain days, you are returning to the older ways, the simpler ways of self-sufficiency and making do or doing without....you might find this link interesting.  It's a how-to on growing potatoes without actually planting them in the ground.  I found it too late to try this year, but might give it a go next year.

Sometimes you hit a wall.  We all have a day or a season when we just want to give up, when we feel like we just cannot do this even one more day.  Money Saving Mom offers some suggestions on what to do when you've already given up.

Maybe you're a blogger.  Maybe not.  Either way there are some things you need to know about using Facebook, but especially if you are blogger who connects via Facebook, Twitter and the other social medias.  We all know you want to grow your readership, but honestly....your efforts might just backfire on you because of how annoying the rest of us find them.  This article suggests 11 things you need to stop doing right now!

The Pinterest pin of the week:

How has no one invented this before???  Or how have I never heard of it?  This is one awesome kitchen gadget that I intend to buy.  No more guessing if you've rolled the dough to the right thickness.

Buy it here.

Now on to the counting....

111.  Waking up to the joyous chorus of birds greeting the day.

112.  The swishing sound of the leaves as the breeze blows through them.

113.  Making a child smile.

114.  Biting into a ripe cherry.

115.  A popsicle on the back step on a hot day.

116.  That first, silken slide into cool pool water after an afternoon working in the sun.

117.  The comforting sounds (clanking pots, running water, sizzling oil, the clatter of silverware) of a meal being prepared.

118.  Good news concerning medical tests.

119.  A concert with a friend.

120.  Struggling with him for the covers then meeting in the middle to share.


Dawn Paoletta said...

Oh, Ann reading 1000 Gifts sounds good. I am actually reading her devotional and about to review it. I always enjoy this roundup post of yours, Stacy. SOmeday we'll hang! HUgs, Dawn

Stacy said...

Would love that....and I'm counting on it. :)


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