June 19, 2013

The Dream Team

It seems the summer slump has begun.  Bloggers all over the blogosphere are going on vacations or taking breaks to deal with the increased activity of summer living.  Good for them, bad for me as my life slows down in the summer.  I NEED your memes people!  Without you I'm going to have to get creative and that may or may not be a good thing.

The Wednesday Hodgepodge is among the missing this week so I've put on my thinking cap and done some scrounging around and decided to throw a question out to all of you (that would be the 2 or 3 of you who actually read the drivel I produce) to answer....and I'll answer it, too.

In a fantasy world, forget spouses and loves, if you could fall in love with a movie or television character, name 5 you would choose.  The characters, NOT the actors.


1. Johnny Castle from the movie Dirty Dancing.  He had that whole bad-boy vibe going on while really being a good guy and let's face it....when Dirty Dancing hit the big screen, there was nobody hotter or more exciting.

Picture Source
2. Jase Robertson.  Yeah, he's a real person, but he is on television and he is a character.  I love the values he and his family have.  I think he's hilarious and would be a lot of fun.  And the beard doesn't bother me.

Picture Source
3. Leo from the movie The Vow.  To have a man who loves you that much, who goes to such lengths, who even lets you go when it's what you ask for, even though it's breaking his heart......sigh.

Picture Source
4. Booth on the television show Bones.  He's smart, funny, brave, devoted to the ones he loves and cares about, has great morals and values, carries a gun, and looks amazing in a suit.

Okay, it took me a minute to figure out how to fit him in to the list, but.....

Picture Source
5. Bo Price from the movie Broken Bridges.  Bo is the hometown boy who made it big at the expense of people who loved him back home.  When he goes home due to an event that has devastated the town, it's as a bit of a has-been. He finds out some things he never knew (like he has a nearly grown daughter) and he sets about making amends, doing right by people and turning his life around.  All while singing like a champ and looking hot.

And there you have it....my dream team.


Faith Lohr said...


1. Captian Jonathan Archer: Star Trek Enterprise (Scott Bakula...yeah he's still as hot as he was in Quantum Leap.) This character has high morals, values all his crew members equally, is willing to lay down his life for anyone of them, and treats women with respect.

2. Aragorn: Lord of the Rings. I love that he's an honorable leader and warrior, but has a soft, passionate side toward the woman (elf) he loves.

3. Prince/King Arthur: TV Series Merlin. He comes across and arrogant royalty but as his character develops we see he is honorable, has high morals, and would do anything to protect the woman he loves. His love for Guinevere is his only weakness.

4. Hardison: Leverage...he's definitely not the tough guy, but he's smart (really really smart) and he and his girl are truly best friends. He's fun-loving. He might shy away from bullets normally but if it comes to saving the one he loves he'll strap on a bullet proof vest, grab his computer and hack a few firewalls to save her. :-) (Yeah, computer nerds are hot)

5. Nick Burkhardt: Grimm It's amazing what he's willing to endure for Juliette's sake. As much as it killed him inside he withheld his love so she could find hers again after her memory loss.

I know there were better ones I could have picked, but I'm honestly having a brain fart in my thought process. :-)

Stacy said...

I think those were pretty good...you definitely gave us a picture of your taste in movies and TV. The only one of those I've watched and know the character is Aragorn....and I should have thought of him.

D'oh....or I just now remembered the Magi from The Mummy movies. Once they started letting him talk, he had definite possibilities. ;)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Hmmmmm ... loved your picks and not at all surprised that you managed to fit Toby in there! =)

For me?

1.) George Hazzard (James Read) from North & South. I really liked both George and Orry (Patrick Swayze) but of the two ... George would win my heart!

2.) Bob Rueland (David Duchovny) in Return to Me. Funny. Loving. Gentle. Faithful. Passionate. Tender. What's not to like!

3.) Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones) in Hope Springs. I cried through the whole movie. Need to watch it again some day. He reminded me a LOT of the guy I'm married to and the marriage I'm in. Besides ... Tommy Lee Jones!!!!

4.) Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) - There is so much to be said about a man who can make you laugh!

5.) Charles (Pa) Ingalls (Michael Landon) of Little House on the Prairie. Perfect combination of strength and gentleness!

Stacy said...

Ooo...like your choices and yeah, Tommy Lee Jones!!!


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