June 02, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook - June Edition

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*NOTE:  It's turning out to be harder than I thought to answer the same questions every week so I am going to go with the once a month post of this.


Outside my window... Rain is falling and while still 80 degrees and humid, it's cooler than it has been this past week and a welcome relief.

I am thinking... about the fall I took last night at our friend's pediatric office.  Tim stopped to fix something for her and I stepped on a rug that slid...one foot went and the other didn't.  Really twisted the same knee I hurt falling on the ice back in February.  The other knee's a bit sore and so are both my ankles.  The worst, though, was my "graceful" landing in front of my friend's husband.

I am thankful... the school year is just about over.  I've got end of the year burnout and am as tired of dealing with the kids as they are of dealing with me.  Plus, now that I've messed up my knee again it's going to hurt when I set the parking brake on the bus.

In the kitchen... some new candle holders are soaking in the dishpan in the hope that I can get the stickers off (why do they do that??).  Not much else is going on out there as I really need to go to the grocery store today.

I am wearing... pajamas with pictures of postcards and postal stamps from around the world.

I am creating... a church directory and a church cookbook.

I am going... to finish some of my craft projects this summer.

I am wondering...if it's going to rain all day.  

I am reading... nothing but the Bible.  I sort of forgot how hectic it gets this time of year at work so reading is on hold until after Wednesday.

I am hoping... that we will get started on all the home improvement projects we need to get to.  The front porch has been a work in process for....well, a long time.  Both bathrooms are in terrible shape...we live in a double-wide and while the house is fine, they put the cheapest fixtures in and we need to pretty much gut them and start over after 20 years.  Our bedroom needs new carpet and paint...and I want to rip out the existing closet and build a new one on the other side of the room.  We don't need 3 bedrooms these days so we're talking about taking out the wall between the living room and one bedroom to create a much larger living space.  Lastly, I'd like to put a roof over the back deck and close it in as a mud/laundry room.

I am looking forward to... our vacation at the beach.  It's been 7 years since our last trip to the beach or more time away from home than a weekend.  Love my kids, but I have to admit I'm looking forward to going this year with just us and one of Tim's sisters and her husband.  All adult...all what we want to do.  Relaxing!

I am learning... to pick my battles.

Around the house... we got a lot of yard work done this week and I planted my flower pots, the roses are blooming, a pair of frogs have moved into the pond with the goldfish...it's looking pretty good.

I am pondering... the mindset of my children's generation.  I honestly don't understand the way they look at most things and I worry about their future.

A favorite quote for today... Don't just read the easy stuff.  You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it.  ~ Jim Rohn

One of my favorite things... laughing with friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Wednesday is the last day of work until the end of August, so working the first part of the week and then probably a couple of days of relaxing and hiding from the world, before jumping into summer plans.

A peek into my day... dishes, laundry, grocery shopping (if the knee will take it) and reading.


Suzanne McClendon said...

I hope that you don't get this comment a zillion times. There was an error the first time I tried to post.

Your roses are beautiful. What kind are they? I used to have big yellow roses, too. They were antique roses called Graham Thomas. I was successful at propagating another plant from the main one. That was lots of fun.

Best wishes to you on your remodeling projects. I hope that your knees will be okay.

Have a great day

Beth Zimmerman said...

We drove to Texas Hill Country on Saturday and back on Sunday. About 20 hours out of 40 spent in the car. By the time we got home last night (nearly midnight) my joints all ached and my feet were so puffy I struggled to walk in from the car. This getting old business sucks! Hope your knee heals quickly!


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