December 06, 2010

Monday Mayhem: The Holiday Poll

What a day!  Woke up to snow this morning.  Snow that continued all day.  The winter fun has begun and the school district I drive for had its first 2-hour delay of the winter.  It really should have been a cancelation.  It was cold, miserable and the roads were not good....even worse this afternoon.

The bad weather continues tonight and is supposed to still be around tomorrow.  I'm feeling pretty confident that there will be at least another delay tomorrow, but I'd rather see a snow day.  Ah well, it's good to be snug at home tonight with the computer, doggies, a toasty fire, and the glow of the Christmas tree.  I do love a cozy winter evening at home.

So.....yesterday was good.  We drove to our son's house after breakfast and then we all went to Sharon (PA).  We found the flagship Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant our friend had told us about.  It was pretty cool, but we've decided we need to go back in the summer to get the full effect.  They had a picture of 2009's bike night on the wall above our table.....they had nearly 5000 bikes there!  The place is huge and is actually three buildings.

After lunch we went to Kraynak's to show our granddaughter the Christmas tree display.  She loved it!  It was so cute.  Every time she'd see a new one she'd put her hand to her mouth and gasp.  We also waited in line about an hour to see Santa.  She wasn't exactly thrilled with him.  I think she's going to take after her Aunt Meggie when it comes to him.  I have three pictures of Megan with Santa and the only one she isn't screaming in is the one when she was only 5 months old!

Daffin's candy was our last stop.  We had fun picking candy from the bulk bins and the village carved from chocolate was amazing.  There was even a working ferris wheel! 

Everyone got along.  My daughter-in-law and I were careful around each other but it was okay.  We were able to talk to each other and be civil.  We even joked a little.  I think everything's going to be okay.

Took pictures, but I can't get to my printer to upload yet....Megan is painting her room and everything is piled up in the spare room.  Maybe tomorrow or the next day.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Glad you all got along.

We don't do delays here. School is either on or off.

No serious snow yet, just serious cold.

Brrrr. And the kids still wear T shirts in class!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

LOL at that dog! Very funny...

Wendy said...

Oh to only have weather that slows and stops everything down for a while. I know the grass is always greener ;) We just don't get real "seasons" here in So.Cal and it's a let down even though I've lived her all my life. I'm really glad that you and the rest of your family managed to have what sounds like a fun evening. Esp. being with your grand-daughter who's not part of the machinations of crazy D.I.L.'s ;) And the chocolate village, reminds me of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", yummmm!

Stacy Lynn said...

Ellie...I would rather we didn't do 2-hour delays. I hate them, just hate them. They screw up the whole day. And seriously, if it's 5 degrees with a windchill of -20 do they really think 2 hours warms it up? Yesterday wasn't as cold as today, but the mess was coming down all day and I had at least 4 kids fall walking to the bus. Sheesh. The schools love them, though, because you don't have to make any time up.

Stacy Lynn said...

Bud...yeah, I liked the dog. At least it's not a cat. A cat would regift a dead bird or a hairball or something. :P

Wendy...We did a couple of years in Florida and while I can't say I missed winter, I missed the heck out of Fall since it's my favorite season. These days, though, I think I'd even give up Fall for a warmer climate. I hate snow more every year. We did have a nice time Sunday, thanks. If you think the chocolate village sounds yummy, you shoulda SMELLED it. die for!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Yeah, when it's cold, it stays cold. Again, no delays here.

My son is flying home from Baton Rouge on Sunday. Bad weather will probably delay him; more than two hours. But I'd rather know he was safe in some random airport than in the air circling to land!


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