July 31, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It's been quite a while since I've done a post for The Simple Woman's Daybook.  I saw that Cheryl, The Prarie Maid, did a post last week and realized I missed the slow, thoughtful and thankful look it always makes me take at life.  So, back from premature retirement...

For Today...

Outside my window...the sun is shining brilliantly, something we don't seem to see much in this part of the country (fact is we have passed Seattle for cloudy days per year) so just seeing all that lovely golden light makes me smile and feel deep down good.

I am thinking...I wish my husband would go for a very thorough check up when he is on vacation later this month.  He is over the kidney stone business, but he still seems to have NO energy or desire to do anything but watch television, sleep and eat.  He will get moving if we have somewhere to go or a specific event, but that's about it.  He lists all he wants to do around here and then just....sits.  He's only 50.  Too young for this.

I am thankful for...the last couple of days with my granddaughter.  We don't get to see her a whole lot so we were thrilled when our son and his wife asked us to keep her on Friday while they went to an all day music festival.  It ended up that they came out on Thursday afternoon, spent the night and left Friday morning.  They didn't come back until noon yesterday and then left at supper time.  I got a good "Nanny" fix as I had Beanie mostly to myself on Friday and as an added bonus, I spent some very nice time with my daughter-in-law......a major thing as we've had a rocky relationship in the past.

I am wearing...denim capris, a tank top, and flip-flops.

I am remembering...a sermon from a couple of weeks ago.  It was about how once we have salvation we are assured of our place in heaven, but that it doesn't mean we should stop trying to live lives pleasing to God, because in pleasing God we earn even more rewards that we will see in heaven.

I am going...to spend some time reading this afternoon.  Maybe out on the swing by the fish pond.  Maybe under the umbrella on the deck.

I am currently reading...The Search by Nora Roberts. 

I am hoping...that Tim and I can get away for a couple of day trips and maybe an overnighter or two while he is on vacation.  He needs a break and I need some fun.

On my mind...Tim's health...getting my driving time done so I'll be recertified before school starts...school starting in 4 weeks...needing to pick beans tonight when it's cooler...a piece of the chocolate fudge cake that's in the kitchen... 

Noticing that...the more I try to live the way I am supposed to, the harder the going gets.  The enemy does like to throw stumbling blocks in our path.

Pondering these words...Faith without works is dead. ~ James 2:26

In the kitchen...plenty of fresh veggies from the garden, that chocolate fudge cake I'm thinking about, and some yummy leftovers from a picnic we attended last night.

Around the house...things are looking a little messy.  I haven't totally cleaned up from our granddaughter's visit yet.  Mostly I need to neaten up the toys, run the vacuum, and wipe the paint off the refrigerator where it ran when she hung her paintings.

One of my favorite things...great conversation with family.  Tim and the kids aren't big on sitting around talking as a family so when it happens I really treasure it.

A picture...
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