April 28, 2012

Saturday Share

Good morning, Chickadees!  Staring at another cold, wet Saturday here.  Tim and I were supposed to go to a gun bash with friends of ours, but somebody said they weren't going.  So, now somebody else is going to the gun bash with her mother.  Should be an interesting day...outside, in the cold and rain, with a woman who really doesn't want to go, but hates to see things wasted....even a gun bash ticket.

Megan has a rash on her face, right along the jaw.  It's bright red, itches like crazy, and is a perfect circle.  I told her to call the doctor's office for an appointment yesterday.  She didn't.  Grrrrr....kids!  I'm worried about lyme disease.

Nothing much else going on, so on to Saturday Share:

Living, Learning, and Loving Life has a post of great advice for how to get started writing book reviews if you're interested in doing that.

Ann Voskamp offers up her own weekend links.

Gina offers a free printable reminder of what it means to be a servant.

And of course, the Pinterest pin of the week:


Beth Zimmerman said...

The Pinterest one made me laugh ... as did the description of your mother! Hope you both enjoyed your outing! And I hope Megan's rash is just a minor annoyance that clears quickly!

Megan@MondayMorningMusings said...

Could the rash be chicken pox? I'm deathly afraid of that one, unrealistic, I know, with all the shots our kids get, but still... And since it's happening to someone who has my name, I am concerned :)

I love that pin, wish I had read it a couple of months ago, I coulda used the tip. Following you on Pinterest.


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