June 11, 2012

Angels Among Us

They are messengers, protectors, and warriors.  Definitely important beings in the heavenly realm and in our world.  They appear sometimes in all their glory, but most often we entertain them unaware.

What they are not, is God.  They are created by God.  We do not become angels when we die.  They are not perfect.  Like us they can choose.  Like us they can fall.  Remember that Satan is an angel and he convinced a third of the angels to go against God.

Resist the temptation of this world to idolize and worship them as so many do.  When you give thanks for their actions, give it to whom it belongs...God the Father.

Giving Thanks for Angels in my life:

336.  The elderly man who knocked on my car window at a busy 
intersection to tell me my tire was nearly flat.

337.  The ladies who worked at the drug store and stayed open and 
took care of me when a big snow storm hit during a 
school day and my parents weren't able to get to town to 
pick me up until hours after the fact.

338.  The unseen hand that pushed my pastor's truck back onto the road 
when a failed trailer hitch and loose trailer tried to throw it over 
the side of a bridge...a sight that would have been witnessed by 
his wife, daughter, and the entire youth group.

339.  The "force" that stopped my car from hitting a pole when hit from
behind by a big delivery truck.....and as the rear end crumpled
stopped it just behind the backseat where my children sat.

340.  The grandfatherly business man who helped me with my luggage 
and bought me a soda when I flew alone with an infant.

341.  The angels that protect my husband at work, through falls from third 
story roofs and through second story walls, bulldozers rolling over 
his legs, chemical spills, falling rock in mines, wrecks, and
dangers I am not even aware of.

342.  The staff at a car dealership who spent over half an hour freeing
the exhaust pipe from my car's axle after it came loose and 
wrapped around it, stranding me before Christmas with a 
small child.....and doing it free of charge!

343.  The ones who protected me even before I was saved from all the stupid, 
dangerous situations I put myself in....riding with drunk drivers, walking 
across campus late at night...alone, ending up left in a frat
 house without my friends, and on and on.

Thank you, God, for each angel you have sent.  The ones I am aware of and the countless others working out of sight.  I thank you for the comfort of knowing they battle daily for us and protect us from harm.


Wendy S. said...

Angels have always comforted me as well and protected me. I LOVE all the incidences you tribute the angels to. I know there are even parking angels and I"m not making light of angels, but all angels require from us is to ask for their help and they're always there for us.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Love this post Stacy! :)


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