June 09, 2012

Saturday Share

Happy Saturday!  The sun is still shining here.  Two days in a row.  That's something of a streak these days with the changing weather patterns and all.  Used to be that this was a pretty boring (read as safe) place to live, no weather worries other than snow.  That's not the case any longer.  We have so many cloudy days that we've passed Seattle, last year we had that "little" hail storm that dropped 2" balls of hail and did millions of dollars of damage, and just last week another tornado hit the area.  Our county is now tied for the county in Pennsylvania with the most tornadoes.  Lovely.  I've been through a couple.  The one in 1976 wiped out part of my neighborhood and killed my best-friend's grandfather.  The new siding they are putting on my mom's house is erasing the last traces of that storm.....Mom's house had aluminum siding and when the afternoon sun hit the back of the house you could see that the whole thing was covered with small dents from debris in the tornado.

Today I am off to ride with Mike from the Christian camp I'm doing some driving for this summer.  Mike is taking the driving test for his CDL license today and just like with any other driver with only a permit....he needs to have a licensed driver along.  I hope to be back in time to make it to church....and for you shrimp lovers.....I am taking a huge dish of shrimp for the fellowship dinner tonight.  YUM!

I've still got to get showered so I'd better get moving.  Here are this week's Saturday Share links:

Do you enjoy Christian books?  Do you utilize e-books?  Does the word "free" get you excited?  Then have I got the site for you.  2.99 or Less features reviews and links to e-books you can get for 2.99 or less, including free!

Taste of Country is counting down the top 100 country songs of all time a few songs a day (as of posting they had 100 thru 64 listed).  It's an interesting list and just might get your blood boiling because in an interesting twist....an artist can make only one appearance.

Annmarie Pipa sums up the joys of summer with the kids on her blog momto8blog.

In My Dreams I See is the blog of Laurie, a gifted artist, and very special woman.  You see, Laurie is legally blind.  I won't tell you her story here....you need to go read it in her words and be inspired by her.

Are you a descendant of John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden?  An enormous chunk of the population is you know.  Do you even know who they are?  (They came to America on the Mayflower.)  I was appalled when my kids went through school without learning about them in any more depth than that the Pilgrims were horrible people who ruined life for the Native Americans.  They are my ancestors.  Their blood flows in my veins and I AM PROUD OF IT.  If you know you are a descendant or wonder if you are, you can find out a lot of information through the Alden Kindred.

The Pinterest share of the week:

For a sweet birthday (or any occasion) surprise, send a box of balloons filled with notes, money or other small, light-weight items.  The recipient will be thrilled and it doesn't cost much to send because it's so light.

Have a blessed weekend!


Modern Day Disciple said...

Have a great weekend, Stacy, sounds fun! The balloons look like a wonderful idea for a gift! And shrimp sounds yummy!

Simone said...

You are so sweet to drive with Mike as he prepares for his license. Are you looking forward to summer break? Thanks for the book link. I will definitely look into it.

Beth Zimmerman said...

That gift box is AWESOME! You could do red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter, etc. GREAT idea!


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