June 12, 2012

God in ALL Things

**I'll warn you now.....this post runs high on gross-factor.

My day got off to an unusual start.  I crawled out of bed at 6:30, fumbled around for my glasses, put my robe on and then got the puppy out of her crate as has become my morning habit since bringing her home.  Outside, she quickly ran into the grass to take care of business.  Number one was was quickly dispensed with.  Number two usually takes a bit of walking around and the finding of just the right spot to make a deposit.

Miss Daisy wandered and sniffed and finally hunkered down to business while I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  After a couple of minutes of nothing but pitiful little noises coming from my girl it was obvious she was having a bit of trouble this morning, but she was determined.  So I waited.  Finally, at the 10 minute mark with her little cries growing ever more pitiful I picked her up and turned her over for a look.

Poor baby!  No wonder she was having problems.  Poodles with their curly hair are prone to knots and matting when it grows longer and if not kept trimmed, it can actually cover the dog's behind and prevent the...uh....expelling of number two.  That's what was going on with poor Daisy this morning.  So it was into the tub with her to washer her down, soften and remove the mess, and clip the hair so it doesn't happen again.

About now you're probably asking why on earth I'm sharing this story, but it's because I want to make the point that we can find God and be thankful in any and all of life's moments....even poopy puppy butts.  I say this because

  • I knew how to take care of her.  Thank you, God.
  • It wasn't anything more serious.  Thank you, God, for knowing how hard it would be for me just now to deal with anything serious.
  • A small life (a miracle in itself, thank you, God) had to trust me to take care of her and meet her needs.  Just like we have to trust God.
  • Her relief and joy were immediate...as was her gratitude as she wiggled and licked my chin.  Lord, that my gratitude would come so swiftly and strongly.
  • And God gave me the stomach to do what I had to do.  Thank you, God, for being there in all things.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Poor little baby. Glad it was not serious.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I had to do that, regularly, with our Pomeranian. Never did find a spiritual point of view. :)

Stacy said...

Rochelle...Thank you. I was relieved that's all it was, too. I admit I am more than a little over protective of my little girl.

Beth...LOL It's all in the counting. ;)

Simone said...

Only you you could find a lesson in having a poop butt! LOL Having hairy shih tzus, we had dealt with the poop butts many a time. So glad that it was something minor and fixable!!! I just love how thankful you are!!

Stacy said...

Simone...it is either find something to be grateful for or run screaming from the horror of it all. LOL


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