June 01, 2012

Fragmented Fill-In Friday

Good morning!  Happy Friday and welcome to June!  Can you believe it's June already?  If the Mayan's turn out to be right, that means we're about half way to Doomsday.  Oh my!  Good thing I don't believe that or I'd have to go hide under the covers.  LOL  Not really...as a good Christian girl I'd like to think I'm ready to meet my Maker on any given day.

Being that it's Friday, that means it's time for a couple of traditions around here.  Friday Fragments with Mrs. 4444 which has been around for a while and the newer (at least to me) Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun with Hilary.  So, pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea and sit back, relax, and visit for a while.

Mommy's Idea

We've been doing lots of work around the yard this week.  Well, we've done some, but most of it was done by a couple from our church, Efran and Martha.  They had originally agreed to do all the work for a mere $400, but because of other work they had it took them a little while to get to us and that is why we started it ourselves.  They still did an incredible amount of work in a very short time....and I loved having their three kids around.  My aching back and hip are very grateful to them for the help....and their incredible generosity.  When I asked what we owed last night to settle up, Efran said "Nothing."  He said he would "trade" us the work for the shrubs I said he could have and some batteries and scrap metal Tim is giving him.  Wow.  They really did a lot of work.  I feel guilty.  But very thankful and very happy.  I haven't taken any pictures of the finished yard yet, but here are some shots I took around the yard the other day.

This little guy was my Mothers' Day gift.  He is solar
powered and at night it looks like he has
lightning bugs in his jar.

My Scooby's final resting spot
overlooking the fish pond.

Wisteria on arch over front walk.

Roses on the front fence.

Bird nest in the apple tree.

Sweet pink rosebud. 

The public school district I drive a bus for wrapped up their last day on Tuesday.  I always take a cooler full of Pepsi and bottles of water and snack-sized bags of chips for the kids on the last day.....and they know it. They start asking in March if they're going to get it.  Even kids who don't ride on the last day will stop by the bus to get theirs.

The last day is a fun day, but a little bittersweet, too.  There are hugs and tears with the Seniors.  So hard to wish them well and let them go after 6 years together.  Then there are the little guys who drive me nuts all year, but surprise me all the time with thoughtful gifts, hugs and helpful attitudes.  The last day I got roses and several gift cards and one little guy, who I know has a tough home life, didn't cry but he sure did drag out his goodbyes.  Those are the ones that get you.

So, now I'm only driving for the private school.  I get my bus at the garage about 7:20 and am back at the garage by 8:05.  In the afternoon it's 1:15 and 2:15.  I will finish with them on June 6 and then the summer is mine!

Garage/yard sale season is underway.  I went to my first one of the summer last Friday.  For people downsizing from a 12-room Victorian mansion to a 6-room cottage....I expected a lot more stuff.  Still, I managed to get a stack of books and the biggest Pyrex lasagna pan I've ever seen.  Mom and I stopped at a couple last Sunday and I got more books (big surprise), a crab net, a sweet piece of costume jewelry (it's a stretchy orange bead bracelet with a big orange enamel flower with a rhinestone center...it's prettier than it sounds), and a cute purse for our granddaughter that looks like a dog.  The one I stopped at this morning netted me a cow flashlight (Megan collects cows), two new crocheted dishrags, a dream catcher windchime for Megan, and a flowerpot that looks like a cake.

Tomorrow I'm going to a community-wide sale with a friend.  Can't wait to see what I find...with this stinky economy people seem to be parting with more stuff.



This week's statements:

1.  I always ____ when I ____.

2.  ____ is very hard for me to do.

3.  Whenever I eat ____, I want to ____.

4.  If I ruled the world, ____ wouldn't exist and everyone would ____.

My answers:

1.  I always give the dog a treat when I leave the house.

2.  Making friends is very hard for me to do.

3.  Whenever I eat at a restaurant, I want to order things I don't cook myself.

4.  If I ruled the world, poverty wouldn't exist and everyone have enough.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I had forgotten, my son always gave his drivers a gift!

Sigh...It's been a while since he rode a bus. (The LSU campus buses don't count.)

bill lisleman said...

I don't know if I could handle driving a school bus. I might lose it with the kids. Your picture of the lightning bug jar holding boy had me thinking it was one of the 3 kids you mentioned. I had to take another look after I read "he is solar powered". Initially thought you were telling us the child ran around a lot in the sun.

Jamie said...

Beautiful pictures!
I enjoyed the fill in too!

Wayne W Smith said...

Full credit to you for driving a school bus. Now, that is a tough job.

collettakay said...

Hurray for summer vacation! It is bitter-sweet though :) Today was my daughter's last day of 6th grade and my youngest starts kindergarten in the fall. :( / :) I don't know how to feel!

Here's my post:



Stacy said...

Ellen...More give at Christmas, but whenever it's always from the kids I'd least think would do it.

Bill...Well, those 3 kids sure did run around a LOT. Maybe if I check the back of their necks I'd find a little solar panel?

Jamie...Thank you, the subject matter was beautiful.

Wayne...Thank you. It does have its moments.

CollettaKay...My two were 6 years apart so I know what you mean. Now that both are grown summer vacations aren't quite the same...I'm having to figure out what to do with myself now that I don't have to entertain kids or drive them around.

Lucy said...

Oh, my goodness that sweet pink rose is beautiful. I love roses, all of them.
Oh,the end of a school year, always bittersweet. Enjoy the summer!!

I have trouble making friends too, I am so shy and an introvert, a horrible combination, just horrible.

Oh, how I wish everyone's #4's would come true, people have said such great stuff. Our hearts are in the right place but somehow we humans can't get there,ugh.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

P.S. if you happen to go looking for my Fill In post it is not on my Blogger Blog, it is on my Wordpress Blog, the link is on the Linky!

Jennifer said...

Love your pictures!
I tend to order things I don't/can't cook myself when I go out to eat, too!
My Daisy gets a treat every time we leave the house too!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Praying you have a beautiful, restful, summer break! Your Mother's Day gift is adorable! I was meaning to have the young man who did some yard work for us before back again this weekend but being laid up has set everything off course. Josiah probably will not be thrilled to see knee high grass when he gets home from Haiti. Wonder if I can convince him that our yard is a mission field. :)

Arlene said...

Those pictures are just beautiful! And I loved all your fill-in answers. I also have a hard time making friends - trust issues on my part. I pray the Lord will help me overcome these.

Have a blessed weekend.

Stacy said...

Lucy...Horrible is a good word for shy and introverted and that's me, too. :( I'll be sure to check your Linky link.

Jennifer...Thank you. We do spoil our "babies" don't we? I have to say your profile picture threw me for a minute...your husband(?)looks so much like my son in that little picture...will have to see the bigger one to see if he really does.

Beth...Thank you. I hope you are finally on the mend and beginning to feel better. A mission field? Why not...home should be our first mission field. ;)

Arlene...Thank you for visiting and the nice comments. I am praying for all of us...such disconnect in this world. Relationships seem to be hard for so many.

mare ball said...

Beautiful garden gifts~ We had a dog named Scooby too. He was a Boxer, and so sweet. :-)

Modern Day Disciple said...

Stacy, sweet pictures...and sweet spot for Scooby! Sending Cyber Hugs this week!

Simone said...

Girl, I just adore you. I know we'd have a great time hanging out. The kids are truly blessed to have you as their bus driver.

I definitely want to go yard saling with you. A crab net?? I want one of those!!

Hilary said...

Love your #3 - i do the same thing

Keetha Broyles said...

My dyslexic eyes (I guess they are, they certainly play tricks on me frequently) read your blog title as Hell-in Friday.


I LOVE your garden guy holding the firefly jar. I thought he was a real boy with my dyslexic eyes.

Wendy S. said...

I can't wait to see photos of your garden and yard and love the firefly boy! I can't believe you have a hard time making friends, Stacy...and I totally get why your school bus kids love you so much.


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