June 23, 2012

Saturday Share

Apparently yesterday's sleeping in until 8:00 was a fluke.  Miss Daisy's alarm went off at it's regularly scheduled time of 6:05 this morning. 

Not a big day on tap.  The heatwave has ended.  Today's high temperature of 82 isn't expected to be reached until 4:00 this afternoon and the humidity is down.  Hooray!  Tim will be (of course) working on the church building.  I have to get something made for the fellowship dinner after services and then I'm cleaning and doing laundry....ah, the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  Not.

Here are the links that caught my eye and/or heart this week:

There were people who stocked up on survival supplies to last a year or more when the world was facing the (non)horror of Y2K.  Others stockpile because they fear war or economic disaster.  I'm not a stockpiler (except of toilet paper....this house will not run out), but with the crazy weather-related disasters happening in such rapid fire succession these days....maybe I should be.  How long would you last if a major disaster struck?  Click here for some great tips on what to put together to survive an emergency.

Lori Alexander really touched my heart with her post Dying With Regrets

So did this young woman with her capacity to understand and forgive.

I am a new fan of The Cottage House.  They have the cutest stuff!  If you agree, "Like" them on Facebook and everyday you'll see the neat stuff they find.

And my Pinterest pin of the week:

Be good to yourselves.  I love you all.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Wendy S. said...

I love the Cottage House website and wish they were closer so I could explore. Then again maybe it's better or I might go broke otherwise :)

Janice's footsteps said...

The was a great pin I will have to stop using the someday term now hhaha Have a nice cool weekend :}


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