June 25, 2012

Thanks Is All I Have

I've been wracking my brain all morning trying to come up with some fabulous words of wisdom to share, but am drawing a blank today.  I'm just going to list the things I am grateful for....and that's okay.  Sometimes life is just good, the blessings just flow, and we feel blessed with no reason other than we belong to God.

So, here is my list.  I hope you find your blessings today in the Father's abundance so freely given.

Thankful for:

354.  The green beauty of this area I live in.  The mountains and the valleys.  The sparkling springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes.  The still forests.  The rolling farmland.

355.  The drama of nature played out in the backyard as he and I watched two robins defend their nest from a large raven.

356.  A friend, who though broken-hearted, is following God's lead in her life.

357.  Parents safely home from their trip to the cancer clinic in Florida with a good report....two years cancer free!

358.  All the extra dogs gone home and just our two curled on my feet as I type.

359.  A long visit with a friend while out walking the dog.

360.  A God who is faithful and always there.

361.  The big dog so gentle with the puppy...playing, loving, teaching as if he was the parent.

362.  The world through the eyes of the puppy as she chases butterflies, attacks the heavy drooping heads of flowers, and jumps in surprise when a branch heavy with dew showers her.

363.  A boyfriend's new Harley that has only one seat so a daughter can't ride with him.

364.  Rich, creamy soft-serve dripping with caramel.

365.  A seldom-seen aunt in town for a visit.

366.  Ripe, juicy bing cherries.

367.  Memories.

368.  A weed-free garden!

369.  That we always manage even when it seems impossible.

370.  Standing under a big umbrella in the rain at dawn.

371.  Two cardinals, he and she, sitting on the rail of the pool deck.

372.  Him taking the puppy on Sunday morning and letting me go back to sleep.


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I haven't been up for blogging for a while. So I get the wracking thing...

mare ball said...

wonderful list. I'm with you on the cherries. :-)


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