July 26, 2012

Spaced Out Pondering


It's Thursday, therefore I ponder.  If you want to join in on the pondering or see what it's all about, just click on over to Brenda's blog and read the rules (they're really easy).

This week's writing prompt is:  Staring  When you're staring off into space, what are you thinking about?  Do you only do this when you're tired?  Are you seeing anything?  What's going on in that head of yours?

What am I thinking about?  It could be just about anything.  I've written a lot lately about having A.D.D. and how one of the biggest problems for me is lack of focus coupled with day dreaming.  It's an escape from the boring or difficult.  I could be thinking about going to the beach, things going on in life, my to-do list, why do all TV ministers and politicians have the same hair, or what I want to have for lunch.

No, unfortunately, I don't do this only when I'm tired.  In fact, I'm less prone to it when I'm tired because when I'm tired, I'm really tired and spacing out usually ends up as being asleep.

What do I see?  I could be imagining whatever I'm thinking about, but most of the time I see what I'm looking at but it's not really registering with my brain on the conscious level.  I think that's how I can do something at the same time I'm day dreaming.  The scariest example of which, would be (and I swear this doesn't happen often...and it's NEVER happened while I've been driving a bus) when I'm driving and I realize I'm at a certain point or at my destination....and I have no memory of the drive there.  It's like my brain takes over and does it for me even though I'm not there.  Has that ever happened to you?

That's about it.  It's really not very exciting....no grand revelations, spurts of creative genius or deep thinking going on in there.


Brenda Youngerman said...

remind me to never get in a car with you ... lol! But I so agree with you on the 'spacing out' aspect of staring... I think that would have been a better pondering topic!

Thanks for pondering with me!

Wayne W Smith said...

This happens to me frequently. Psychologists call this a state of flow. It is being one with the moment and people as a result lose a sense of time and space.

Jennifer said...

I completely understand everything you said! Including the part about driving. I do that on my commute to work all the time, I think "I don't remember passing X..."


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