August 06, 2012

"Grand"-ly Thankful

 Yesterday was a gray, rainy, and at times stormy, day.  We had promised Tim's sister that we would bring the last of her belongings up to her new home in Erie, so we were on the road at about 8:30.  Erie is about a 3-hour drive from here.  We pulled into her driveway and just finished unloading everything when the skies opened.  Whew...good timing!

We had a nice little visit with her, her husband, and step-son. Tim fixed their bed frame (it's one he had to saw in half during another move in order to get it into the's just seen better days at this point), we got a tour of the lovely house (how does she always manage to find houses with ginormous bathrooms?), then they took us out for lunch at Texas Roadhouse to thank us.  Mmm, love those baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon butter.

We didn't linger long after lunch.  We were in a hurry to get to Pittsburgh and meet this little guy....

Meet Aeden Connor, our new grandson.  He came into the world yesterday at 1:27 PM.  Kicking and screaming and not at all happy to be here, his parents say.  He seemed to have adjusted and was content with his lot in life by the time we saw him around 5:30.  He didn't seem to mind who held him and he made the sweetest little coo-ing sounds.  A good thing since we arrived in the midst of a horrible thunder storm, had to park a ways from the hospital and walk through the rain, arriving soaked in spite of a large golf umbrella.

Megan is miffed that she didn't get to see Aeden yet, but he and Mommy get to come home on Tuesday.  I promised Megan we'd give them a day or two to settle in at home then I'd take her down to see him and our granddaughter.  I'm going to ask my mom if she'd like to go, too, though I'm hoping they won't wait too long to bring the baby here.  I'd like my aunt, who always thought the sun rose and set on my son, to get to see the baby.

By the way, yesterday was also the first time I've seen my daughter-in-law since January.  It went okay and for that I am grateful.

Joining with Ann and the others today in appreciating the abundance of this life:

444.  A grandson.  Healthy.  Whole.  

445.  A visit with a sister-in-law and the chance to see her new home, to know she'll be okay in her new life.

446.  Conversation and laughter and a chance to better know a step-nephew (he is my age, so it's about time!).

447.  Safety while we were on the road much of the day.

448.  Coming home, kicking of wet shoes, peeling off still damp clothing and snuggling into a warm robe.  Ahhh...home.

449.  Smart phones that let us keep in touch even when we're in the car on the highway so we know when babies arrive and can pass the news along.

450.  New tires on the pick-up.

451.  No more Anne Murray CD today (it played over and over the whole way to Erie).

452.  That yesterday's storms did not bring the wind and hail warned about.

453.  A mini-vacation still to look forward to.


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Wendy S. said...

Aeden is gorgeous, Stacy, congrats. I know it's sometimes a rocky road with you and your DIL and I hope that differences will mellow out so you can enjoy your new little grand. He brought the sun in a stormy day.


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