August 04, 2012

Saturday Share

Good morning and a happy Saturday to you!  It's a gorgeous morning here, a little on the humid side, but still bearable for now.  Tim is off search of the elusive tire he needs for his truck.  No one seems to have them in stock and he really needs one TODAY.  That's my honey.  Love him, but he is the king of procrastination when it comes to taking care of vehicles.  He knows how to maintain them and fix them, but tends to be of the drive-it-until-it-stops-going-then-panic-and-fix-it mentality.

We were supposed to go to Erie today to take the final load of stuff up to Tim's sister's new house.  Tim decided the other day to go Sunday, so today's kind of a bonus day for us since everyone thinks we're out of town.  He was going to work at the church until I pointed out there wouldn't be anyone to help him since they were told he wouldn't be here.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow's trip and getting away even though it's just for a day.  If we have time we're going to stop by our favorite winery up there.  I gave several bottles of wine as gifts at Christmas and donated a couple for basket auctions so my stock is getting low.  I'm hoping that on the way home we'll need to stop by the hospital to meet our new grandson.  The plan is to induce labor sometime tomorrow.

Today looks to be about getting caught up on laundry, dusting, running the vacuum and maybe hanging out in the pool this afternoon.  You all enjoy this weekend...there aren't too many left in the summer.


Today I've got some blog links to share, ones I've been meaning to add to the sidebar for a while now.  Finally doing it.  Please check them out.

  • Prairie Flower Farm is a pretty, friendly site with awesome recipes.
  • Adventures in the Ballpark comes from Mare Ball.  I love Mare's tag line: Stumbling Towards Heaven One Hurdle After Another.
  • Maison Decor is the home of Amy Chalmers Designs and features gorgeous shabby chic and cottage decorating ideas you can do yourself.
  • Garage Sale Gal is a woman after my own heart.  She loves her some garage/yard sales and here she shares some of her best finds.
  • Messy Marriage is where Pat, a pastor's wife and a marriage & family counselor shares some great in-sights.
Now, in the I-just-thought-it-was-cool category, check out Color-In Clothing.  You buy a dress printed in a black and white pattern, it comes with fabric paint pens and you color your dress the way you want it!

And the Pinterest pin of the week:

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ellen aka Ellie said...

I love to color, but that dress would take forever to fill in!

Hope Tim finds his tire, but more importantly, I hope the delivery is calm and safe.

mare ball said...

Well, thank you Stacy for highlighting my blog! Very kind of you. I enjoy yours as well, such good spiritual insight. :-)


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