September 17, 2012

Flying High

Nearly every nest has its baby birds.  Tiny, helpless things dependent on Mom and Dad for everything.  Mom and Dad run themselves ragged keeping the young ones fed and comfortable.  Their vigilance is unwaivering when it comes to protecting their babies from the cold, the rain, and the bad things of the world.

But little by little, day by day those babies grow.  They get stronger.  Oh, they still need Mom and Dad for plenty of things, but they can do a lot for themselves now, too.  Mom and Dad can breathe just a little easier and maybe get a couple of extra hours of sleep.  They're still watching, though, ready to jump in when needed....which is still more often than those little ones want to admit, especially as they begin to step out of the nest a little bit here and there.

Then there comes a day when Mom and Dad know their little one is ready to leave the nest and fly.  They've protected it and taught it all they can and now they have to let go and encourage that baby to spread his wings and take his place in the world.

It's the same for our human children.  They come into this world totally dependent on us and we love them.  Oh, how we love them.  We love them with a fierce love that we never knew was in us till we looked down into their small faces and felt their tiny fingers wrap around our own and they grew roots in our hearts. We teach them, protect them, nurture them, champion them.  For 18 years (give or take) we are focused on preparing them for the day they will leave the nest.  We know it's coming, it's what we're working toward, but still it's hard to let them go.

Some little birds are strong and sure and ready to go and while they'll be missed,  there's peace that they will be okay.  Some little birds are raring to go, but not quite ready and we get to keep them a little bit longer, teach them a little more, watch them mature just a little bit more.  Then comes the day when there's nothing left to do but release them to God and trust him.

We're at that point.  Two years ago my little bird wanted to fly more than anything in the world.  We knew she wasn't ready, but she was 18, there was no way to stop her.  All she wanted was out of here, to escape the memories of especially painful teenage years....and she went, leaving the nest 5 states and nearly 1000 miles behind.  We cried, oh, how we cried.  We knew she wasn't ready and we knew fear for her.  But things didn't go as she planned and she came back to the nest a short time later.  It's been two years now and when she talks about moving out this coming Spring to live with her boyfriend we can know, that while we don't agree with that choice, she is at least ready to be on her own and will be okay.

Her Facebook status a week ago:

For the longest time all ive wanted to do is move to alabama and i was so upset when it didnt work out but ya know what latrobe pa is my home it always has and always will be i always say things happen for a reason and me not makin it to alabama was probley one of the best things that happened to me cause ive met the greatest guy in the world i love him so much and i wouldnt give him up for anything ive been very blessed over the last couple years im just sad it took me this long to realize how good i have it. I love my family and friends that i have here and i dont know what i would do without them!

Joining with Ann and the others in counting the blessings.

501.  A daughter who knows.
502.  The quiet creep of peace spreading through my heart.
503.  And entire fellowship rededicating their lives.
504.  A daughter-in-law feeling better.
505.  The joy just visiting someone can bring them.
506.  Porches stacked with hay bales, cornstalks and bright potted mums.
507.  Sun-warmed days of impossibly blue skies and dew-cooled nights of peepers calling.
508.  Friends who see in you what you don't see in yourself.
509.  Finding my place in the empty nest.
510.  Changing priorities.



noexcuses said...

Wonderful post! And so timely for me! We do need to trust in God, as he has the best plan for all of us. I wish you and your "little" birds the best. What a kudos to you when she posted on f/b!

Modern Day Disciple said...

Oh Stacy, my heart both hurts and rejoices...cuz I know that you know we know the pain of daughters who just...well, don't get it fully. But so glad God is working in you deep. Giving you peace and that baby some wings...beautiful post. Sending a big cyber hug...

Beth Zimmerman said...

I know how hard this is my dear friend! Some lessons we just yhave to learn the hard way. I'm glad you had this extra time with your precious girl and that it has grown you closer!

I wanted to let you know that I have finally found my way back to blogging although I have a new "home." Would love it if you would come visit me.

Stacy said...

Noexcuses...Thank you and if it helped you at all, I am so glad and thankful. I was definitely doing the "happy dance" the day she posted. :)

Dawn...Thank you. For everything.

Beth...I know you know, probably more than most of us, how hard it can be. You are right about learning the hard way, but it's ohhhh so hard to watch. :/ I'd be happy to stop by the blog.

Wendy S. said...

Such a beautiful story and metaphor for letting go with our children. My son was an early flyer and I still miss him but am so proud of how far he's come. You are such a writer, Stacy!!!

Ellen aka Ellie said...



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