October 05, 2012

Bear With Me

I know I promised to write something every day, but I had no idea how stinking busy life was going to get.  This week has been insane.  I hope next week will be slower, but honestly.....I don't think it will be getting a whole lot better until after the election.  Until then I am volunteering as much as I can (on top of everything else going on) at the GOP office.  It's unlikely Romney will win Pennsylvania....it's voters are staunchly Democrat even if they don't know why beyond family tradition....still I am doing everything I can for my candidate.

Anyway....I will post as often as I can until then just so you know I'm alive.


mare ball said...

thanks for working on the GOP campaign! Go Mitt!

Brenda said...

Yes, glad you have the time to do that. I agree with Mare: Go Mitt!


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