October 30, 2012

Tuesday Thinkin'

Good morning!  Experiencing my first ever "hurricane day" off from school.  Sitting here in the man-eating chair (it seems to swallow you and stops just short of requiring an act of God to get out of it), puppy curled up beside me, and laptop on, well, my lap.  Call it command central.  It's where I'm watching the news, checking with friends and relatives and generally enjoying this bonus day.  I do promise, however, to struggle out of the chair in a bit and get some much needed work done around the house.  We had a bit of a plumbing issue (not storm related) in the kitchen yesterday so I have to deal with the aftermath.  I'm hoping to do some catching up on all of your blogs today, too, since I have ALL day....Bible study is cancelled tonight, too.

I hope all of you are safe and dry if you have been in the storm's path.  Most everyone I've talked to has suffered nothing more than minor inconveniences like flickering power, snow, local flooding, and closed schools or work.  Nothing like the pictures coming out of New York City or other places right along the coast.  Praise God for that and continued prayers going up for all those who haven't been so lucky.

A picture I saw yesterday showed what, for me, would be one of the worst things that could happen due to the storm:

That's a SHARK swimming in the water in what used to be a front yard in New Jersey!  Can you imagine?? The only thing that would be worse is snakes and I don't know, but I'm guessing that can happen in more tropical locations.  ***shudder***


So, while I've been on this sort-of hiatus from blogging I've been thinking about the blog and what's been going on with it.  It really hasn't been thrilling me lately.  I'm chalking it up to trying too hard and being too intentional.  In the past my blogs have been more successful when I've just been....me.  When I've just written about life as it comes, the things that interest me as they pop up.  Scheduling Mondays for this, Tuesdays for that, and so on  tends to feel forced and my muses often don't cooperate.  So, when I come back full-time after the elections (In case you're new or haven't visited in a while...I've been doing a lot of volunteering.) you'll be getting more of me and less "articles" trying to pull people in.  You'll get to see more of me as a woman who is a Christian, approaching 50, and facing a soon-to-be-empty nest. How I'm handling it, how my life is changing.  What I'm struggling with.  What I'm happy about.  What I'm exploring.  What I'm feeling.  What I'm doing in my daily life.

I hope you'll stick around till the election's over and check things out.


Wendy S. said...

I'm glad you're not going anywhere and I think you'll find many, many of us sticking around for you. Glad to hear you're ok with Sandy and all. Enjoy your day off :)

Simone said...

Was that really a shark? That's scary! We are blessed to get the typical rain that Oregon gets but nothing out of the ordinary.

Don't you dare worry...I'll be here when you get back to blogging more often.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

No way....can't believe that photo!


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