December 28, 2012

Friday Fun on Christmas Vacation

Joining in with Hillary @ Feeling Beachie for Follow Four Fill-in Fun and Mrs. 4444 @ Half-Past Kissin' Time for Friday Fragments.

This week’s statements:

1. without fail, whenever I fly__
Without fail, whenever I fly there is going to be some kind of delay or mix up.
2. I used to be___
I used to be.....younger, skinnier, more organized....
3. When I ___ I ___
When I get on Facebook I lose all track of time.
4. My greatest fear is ______.
My greatest fear is ending up old and alone.

Mommy's Idea

This has not turned out to be the best of "vacations."  Tim and I both have 11 days off from work, but the first 4 days went to Christmas preparations and the big day itself.  Since then Tim's come down with whatever cootie bug I've been fighting with for the last week and a half.  He's in the first stages when the fever takes hold and the body aches.  And of course, being a man....he has it much worse than I did.  He can't possibly do anything for himself.  If he had a bell like in the old sitcoms I'm pretty sure I'd have to kill him. *Just kidding.  Sort of.*

I'm hearing about the One Word movement everywhere I turn in blog-land these days.  The idea is to choose one word (or let one word be revealed or given to you) that sums up how you want to live or who you want to be in the coming year.  There's a website that explains it and you can be part of the community that's participating.  It's interesting to read how choosing a word impacted some women over the past year.  I'm trying to find (or trying to let it find me) my one word.  At the moment, I have two in mind that seem to fit, but I guess I am waiting for confirmation on one of them or another word completely.  I want to know without doubt that this is my word.

My Princess is handling the break-up with her boyfriend better than I imagined she would.  Maybe that's due more to the complete strangeness of said break-up than any new emotional maturity.  He (the boyfriend) announced the Sunday before Christmas that he was breaking up with her.....but that things would continue as normal until after Christmas so it wouldn't make the holidays "weird" or "uncomfortable."  They had already bought gifts for each other (his to her was a diamond ring....not an engagement ring, but still....a ring!!) and gifts for each other's families.  They continued to shop together, hang out together and he still did things like hold her hand and tell her he loved her.  All the while he maintained they were broke up, that he needed time and space and wanted to get his life in order and that they'd "most likely get back together someday."  Can you see why she (and all the rest of us) might be a little confused?

Anyway, she hasn't seen him since Christmas Day.  I don't even know if she's heard from him.  I'm waiting for him to come and get the (expensive) gift we got him that has to be transported carefully.  I'm not going to be thrilled if he doesn't come for it.  She says she's looking forward to the break and is going to give him space and time to miss her, that she won't call and bug him.  However, she is out shopping with his mother and grandmother as I type.  Nobody has a clue where this stands.  I don't even think he does.  But, shopping with his family aside, my girl is reconnecting with friends she let go when she got involved with him, going tanning, putting in job applications, and starting back up at the gym.  I'm hoping she gets a job soon.  That would build her self-confidence and maybe she'll see she deserves better from a guy.  Or better yet, that she doesn't need a guy to complete her.

*Soooooo glad I am not a young adult trying to find my way through the relationship maze these days.  It seems like so much has changed since I was in those shoes and not for the better.*

We are really getting the use out of our present from Santa, what with being sick and stuck in the house.  Our old TV had lines through the picture.  It was annoying, but they went away after half an hour or so.  Not being male, it didn't bother me that much.  What did bother me was that it meant the picture would be going one of these days and according to absolutely everything I read and everyone I talked to...these wonderful flat-screen TVs are not meant to last more than 5 years or so and fixing them costs more than buying a new one.  What a disposable society we've become!

Well, the hubs, being a man and all, was bothered by the lines so we decided that rather than buying smaller gifts we'd buy ourselves a new TV with some of his Christmas bonus.  We are now the owners of a 60" 3-D HDTV.  Until we get a 3-D Blue-ray DVD player or the cable company starts airing 3-D programming that part is useless.  However, you should watch a Blue-ray action movie on that thing!  Holy moley!  It may as well be 3-D and the motion is so clear and fast it makes your head spin.  Hubby loves it.  Me....I'm waiting to see Toby Keith, Sam Elliot, Ryan Reynolds, and others, in glorious, ginormous high definition.  Swooon!

If we are well enough, we have some friends coming over for New Year's Eve.  They were supposed to come tonight, but.....well, yeah.  That didn't work out so well.  I don't know about you, but I for one will be glad to say Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci, Sayonara, Shalom, and Ciao to 2012.  It has not been a year that I will exactly look back on with fondness.  There has been joy to be sure, but also too many moments of heartache.  Here's to a happier 2013 for all of us!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I lose all time when I am reading posts. Hours just fly by!!!

Wendy S. said...

I"m looking forward to hearing what your "one word" will be. I checked out the website and am now pondering in my head what mine will be. I'm glad the Princess is slowly mending her heart and becoming independent again. Like you I don't envy the maze of young love!

Tracy said...

I hadn't heard of the one word movement. I'm not sure I could come up with one.

retired not tired said...

I hope you have a better 2013. We had a Christmas dinner that my children Exmas because I ahd invited all of their boyfriends for Christmas dinner and then they broke up and I wouldn't take back the invitation so the old boyfriends came for dinn er and the new ones had to wait Boxing Day

Bee said...

I hope you and your husband feel better. We were really sick on Christmas and although we're feeling better, we can't seem to shake it completely.

Have a Happy New Year!

Mrs4444 said...

Boys...I'm so glad Kendall has only had one serious boyfriend. He turned out to be more trouble that he was worth. Your daughter sounds like she's going to be just fine :)

I hope you're both healthy in time to enjoy at least a few days.

Thanks for linking up, Stacy. Happy New Year!

Keetha Broyles said...

What is it with men and their technology - - - especially picture and sound technology?

I will admit, I do LOVE how clear the flat screen tvs and HDTV make my football games!

Hilary said...

so can relate to your #2

Claudia Willison said...

Who would not relate to your no. 2. And no. 3 especially if you include blogging and other social media in it - LOL
I can see why your daughter's situation seems confusing. But as you say, she seems to start a life of her own, which, in the long run, is usually a good thing to have before you have a long term relation ship.
All the best to you and your family for 2013!

Stacy said...

Debby...I wish it wasn't so! I am a procrastinator as it is without the help of the social medias.

Wendy...I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed for me so the reveal is coming. Yes, Meg is doing a lot better this time around. I just hope the ex/boyfriend/whatever he is doesn't keep stringing her along. He just needs to decide to commit or cut her loose to move on with her life.

Tracy...That's what I thought, too. I came up with several right off the bat, then narrowed it down to a couple. I'm pretty sure I have the "one" now.

Retired...Ohhhh my, that must have been one uncomfortable dinner. I can't imagine.

Bee...Thank you. He is up and moving today. Actually, he's out clearing snow with the snow blower. He's done ours, my mom's, the neighbor's....I hope he doesn't regret it. I woke up to tingling hands and feet today...something new. Looked it up on the internet and discovered the number one cause is some kind of anemia caused by vitamin B-12 deficiency. I think that's my problem. I know I'm deficient and take a high dose, but haven't been since I've been sick. Time to get back to it.

Mrs. 4444....Boys, indeed. Dating and relationships are not what they used to be.

Keetha....I'll be trying the TV out on football tomorrow when Pittsburgh plays Cleveland. The great picture will be the only good thing about that game. LOL

Hilary...Yeah, LOL!

Claudia...You hit the nail on the head. I've been trying to suggest to Princess that she find herself before she finds another boyfriend. We have to know how to make ourselves happy.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I can't wait to hear what word you choose for 2013. I've never chosen a word for a year but it certainly sounds intriguing. I'll be checking that out for sure.

That definitely does sound like a very strange break up. Hopefully she'll use this time apart wisely so if/when he decides he wants to be part of her life, she'll make a wise decision. Like you, I'm so thankful that I'm not a young adult in today's dating scene. Ugh.

Sure hope you both are feeling better soon .. wishing you all a fantastic 2013.


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