March 15, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's IdeaYea, for Fridays....and Friday Fragments with Mrs. 4444.  This is the blog hop where we all sweep out the week's clutter and share it in little bits and blurbs.  Feel free to pop over to Mrs. 4444's blog to see the rules if you want to join in the fun or just to check out the links to everyone else who's participating.

Megan is at the dentist as I type.  She's had a tooth that's been bothering her off and on.  It's been suggested more than once in the past that she call for an appointment.  It stops hurting so she never bothered.  Now it's been hurting for two days became an urgent matter.  My mom took her as my car was being serviced.  That was probably a mistake.  The plan was antibiotics if she needed them and pull the tooth later or pull the tooth now if there was no infection.  That was the plan because she has no dental insurance and no job.

Enter my mom who has always had insurance and thinks you should do everything the dentist recommends and Megan is coming home with 3 prescriptions, she's had x-rays, a thorough cleaning, and an itemized bill of what it will cost to get all the dental work she needs done....$4000!!!  And I'm wondering who is paying for today?  X-rays, consultations, and cleanings aren't free.


Tim heard from our son yesterday.  That's good news.  He hadn't heard from him since he got mad and quit talking to me.  Maybe there's some thawing out going on?  I don't really expect it to extend to me, but it would be nice if Tim could see him and the kids....though he says he won't unless I am welcome, too.  Foolish man....go see those babies with my blessing!  Before they don't remember you.

We're supposed to go to a turkey raffle tomorrow night.  It's a fundraiser for a local organization.  We had planned to go with my mom and her husband...and see if we could convince them to attend church with us on Easter and then go out to dinner afterward.

Mom's husband just had cataract surgery on Wednesday so I don't know that he's going to be up to going to the raffle.  If he doesn't go and doesn't want her to babysit him, Mom still wants us to take her.  There is lots of food and basically you sit around for 2-3 hours buying raffle tickets and every 15 minutes or so, they raffle off turkeys.  They also have special drawings every so often for hams and slabs of bacon.  Since for us it usually costs about $40 to win a turkey and all of the meat is donated, it's a great fundraiser.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh man... dentist bills rack up QUICK too... & the bad thing, you can do all that stuff, pay thousands of dollars & STILL need a tooth yanked. Wishing the best in that situation... believe me, my pockets are thousands & thousands of dollars lighter because of dentist visits :(


Family....been there, done that. It can become a vicious circle.

Regarding dentists...I say ouch...both pockeboot-wise and the procedures. And of course "ouch" is one of those nasty four-letter words.

Tettelestai said...

Family can be so challenging :-( I hope thing thaw out, truly I do.

I hate going to the dentist. I had to fight with the one in DC. He kept offering things to be done, and I reminded him that he could only do what I had insurance for and nothing beyond that. Those guys rack up the bills :-(


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