April 30, 2013

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Well, it's been ages and ages since I last participated in Hey, It's Okay Tuesday, one of the funnest memes around.  Glamour Magazine kind of thought of it first and has a section called Hey, It's Okay where they list things it's okay to be okay about.  Amber of Airing My Dirty Laundry-One Sock at a Time took the idea and ran with it and hosts a weekly link up for anyone who wants to play along.  Check it out...it's always a lot of fun.

Hey, it's okay.....

To eat cake for lunch.  C'mon...it's a chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate chips...you'd eat it, too.

To think dandelions are pretty even if they are a weed.

To be ready to declare jihad on stink bugs.  Miserable, ugly, smelly things.

To be excited about going to a gun class on Saturday.  I'm finally going to learn how to use that Ruger .357 I bought last August.  And before my conceal carry permit expires...go me!

To totally hate having to go along behind the dog on walks and clean up his "business" with bags from Wally World.  Really, you have no idea.  This dog poops like 4 times on one walk!  I take about 6 bags with me and end up carrying this huge bundle.  No way to look cool or be discreet about it.

To already be wondering if your daughter's employee discount at the garden center will cover your own purchases....or if you can somehow shop with her and then have her pay to get the discount.

To really hate "babysitting" your mom's dog while she's away.

To expect cashiers to pay attention to you when you're checking out and to talk to you, not the pimple-faced bagger.  You don't need to know about their Friday night plans or what a tyrant the boss is.


Rebecca Jo said...

Do we go to the same store? Every teen cashier is constantly turning around giggling with the bag boy... & then I remember I was a cashier at 16 yr old dating the bag boys too :) haha!

Stink bugs... UGH!!!!!!!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

I had cake for lunch too! I do that quite often. So tasty.

Simone Moland said...

I want cake for lunch but it's passed lunchtime now.

That is the bad thing about walking dogs...carrying the load along with you for the rest of the walk.

Dandelions are pretty although they don't smell very good.

Stacy said...

Rebecca Jo...I guess times have changed. When I was a cashier we were expected to "shut up" when dealing with a customer and focus our attention on them. I'm turning into a true cranky old lady...if it is obnoxious enough I will call them on it. Gently, but I will say something.

Amber...Cake, the lunch of champions!

Simone...Have cake anyway! ;)

Wombat Central said...

My motto: Cake. It's what's for breakfast!

Cake makes any meal better. :)

Stacy said...

Wombat...I like your thinking! :)


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