April 23, 2013

Indian Givers

There are a couple of very dear women in the ladies' Bible study I participate in.  They are warm, enthusiastic, and devoted......but they worry.  Oh, how they worry!  They get hold of something and they are like pit bulls.  They do not let go for anything.  They turn it over and over.  They ask all of us a million questions....or just the same question a million times.

They give a problem to God, but then later, like the kid who has given his buddy his favorite toy in a moment of generosity and then decides he wants it back,  they will latch on to it and pull, screaming "It's mine! It's mine! I never meant for you to keep it.  I only said you could borrow it!" These are the kids we used to call Indian givers, though I'm sure that's seriously politically incorrect these days.

Thanks to Simone, I think I'm on to something that might help.  It's called a God Box and it's doing wonders for me, but I don't worry at quite the same levels these sisters in Christ do.

What's a God Box?

It's a box or any container that you designate to represent God.  When you have something on your mind that you just can't let go of, write it down and put it in the God Box.  It's a symbol of having given it over to God and we all know you don't pull Indian Giver with God.  No sir, what's put in his capable hands stays in his hands.  You don't keep taking it back to worry over....and you don't take those papers back out of the God Box, either.

Here's my handy work:

I found these two boxes at Michael's craft store.  They were
originally $7.99 each, but were on sale for 40% off.

I used scrapbooking stickers and papers to embellish the inside
with sweet little springtime birdies and nests.

An explanation of how it works is included because I know
these women.  They will ask me 1000 times otherwise.

A reminder that what goes in the box, STAYS in the box.

And finally, I included some cards with verses about trusting God.


Simone said...

Your God boxes are beautiful! What a deal too, to get 40% off. Did you cut a slit at the top or can you open and access it at any time? Are the scriptures there for you to pull out and read again and again? Yes, I'm asking you a thousand questions.:)

Beth Zimmerman said...

LOVE those! Only thing is that I would have to make mine unable to be opened or it would become a come and go box even if it was dedicated to God.

Stacy said...

Yes, you can open the boxes. They have a magnetic closure. I originally wanted something with a slot that would remain closed but couldn't find anything that would work and cutting a slot in these seemed a shame. I put the scripture cards in there to be looked at whenever you need encouragement.

I have to tell you the ladies were floored. It took them a while to get that they have to leave what they put in there in there, but they really loved it and were so excited.

The ladies, once they grasped the idea of leaving their worries in there, came up with their own idea. They are going to write their worries and fears and whatever uglies they can't let go of on colored index cards which will go in the box face down. They're going to use white cards for scripture and their prayers.

Thank you, Simone! Talking with my (female)pastor and my mentor and we think maybe a small ministry has been born. :)


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