April 27, 2013

Saturday Share

I was just looking at my links, which also tell me when the last post was put up on my favorite blogs....looks like I'm not the only one dropping the ball this week.  Several of you are missing in action.

It is one gorgemous day here in southwestern Pennsylvania.....lots and lots of sunshine and we've just about made it to the predicted high of 70 already.  Little Miss Daisy has been perched on the arm of the sofa all morning driving me batty with her never ending yapping at the neighbors who are working in their yard.  I so wish they'd come over here and work some of their magic because their yard looks like something straight out of a magazine....and mine looks like the land time forgot.

Just me and the dogs today.  Tim is working.  Yea! for overtime.  Megan is working and will be nearly every day through the busy season at the garden center.  Lots of money and too busy to spend it...a good combination for her.  I was supposed to go to a gun bash, but the friends we were going to go with had to take their vacation due to some mix-up with the scheduling of their timeshare.  The people running the gun bash can just call me if our tickets hit.  I'm not going there to sit by myself all day.

Dracula, Edward and the rest of the blood-suckers can move over.  I went for blood work this morning and they collected 21 vials!  Good grief.  Do I look pale to you?  The neurologist ordered some major lab work so I hope they find some answers.  In the meantime, I have to say I like the pill he has me taking.  I don't know the name without looking, but it's an anti-seizure med.  It does seem to have calmed the tingling down and maybe it's just me, but I think it's giving me more energy and has me feeling less brain fog than I have in a long, long time.

I have lots I want to get done now that I've finally shaken off the headache I had all morning so here's the Saturday Shares for the week.  Enjoy!

  • Dancing in Our Kitchens is a blog devoted to music and dancing and the pure joy of both.
  • The Book Club Network, Inc. is all about books all the time.  I just got introduced to it today so I can't tell you a lot, but I can tell you it looks like there is enough there to keep me busy for months!
  • Swim suit season is upon us....can you hear the collective groan echoing from women the world over?  I came across this link to Carrie Underwood's leg workout, but it would be so much more helpful if they invented a cream that you rub on at night and wake up looking like Carrie in the morning.
  • Anyone who knows me, knows I CANNOT KNIT.  Heaven knows I have tried.  I want to knit.  I am envious of those who do.  It looks so relaxing when you watch a skilled knitter, but for me it is nothing but stress.  I have even had "remedial" lessons from the older ladies at work.  I just don't seem to be able to get my fingers to do what they are supposed to.  Last year my mom taught me to knit hats using round plastic looms.  Hats because Mom is in an organization that knits hats for chemo patients, premature babies, and anyone else that needs them.  They also knit afghans for premies, scarves for soldiers, lap robes for people in nursing homes, etc.  Mom's been written up in the paper more than once for it.  I do okay at the hats.  The best thing with the looms is there is no counting stitches....only measuring of length.  I've even bought some oval-shaped looms that promise to help me create shawls and bags among other things.  A friend introduced me to Authentic Knitting Boards.  They go so far beyond the ones I bought at Wal-Mart.  If you want to knit but are "challenged" like me, this might be the answer for you!
  • And for those of you who wonder why I as a semi-rational adult woman am such a huge fan of Duck Dynasty's Robertson clan.....here's patriarch Phil delivering a powerful sermon.
Lastly, here's the Pinterest pin of the week:

Have a wonderful weekend and may God bless
and keep you safe till we meet again.

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