April 25, 2013

Switched Up Pondering

It's been one of those days around here....all week!

Mom's been in a grouchy mood and blasting Megan every time they come in contact.  Megan has had her dander up because of that...and maybe because she's just a bit "prickly" even on a good day.

Tim's still got at least one kidney stone.  He may or may not have passed one yesterday at work.  We may never know because he doesn't take the strainer to work...not that I would, either.  At least he hasn't been feeling too bad.

Me?  I had to see a neurologist on Tuesday.  I've not mentioned it before because I wanted to have some answers.  I don't really have any now, but the process has begun.  My hands and feet began tingling during Christmas break.  It comes and goes and sometimes it doesn't bother me too much and other times I can't even stand to have socks on my feet.  My sugar is always fine and my vitamin B12 levels are fine.  Both can cause tingling if they are out of whack.  Since those are okay, my family doctor started asking questions about Multiple Sclerosis.



The good news is that the neurologist doesn't think it's MS even without the tests being run yet.  He's basing that on on the stuff he did in the office and the fact that MS doesn't usually show up on both sides of the body at the same time.  I do have some neuropathy (nerve damage) so it's not in my head.  Next step is a boatload of bloodwork and a couple days of tests where I guess they basically send electrical impulses through your nerves.  Everyone I know who has been through says it is the worst test they've ever had.


Tim is getting a little bit of overtime now and hopefully, real building projects will start up soon.  It can't come soon enough....finances are getting more than a little tight.  Not that we'd have any stress from that.  (that was sarcasm)

Then today Megan posted an absolutely scathing status on Facebook....turns out it was in response to a flat out lie.  About me.  By the family "member" who has pretty much destroyed our family ties.  I'm not upset.  Honest.  I've prayed a lot and I have peace about things.  Yes, it sucks that I don't see my son and grandchildren, but if he comes around I will welcome him like the prodigal son he is.  If he doesn't....  Well, I will miss him and the kids, but I will survive.  What bothers me is the state of her mind....all that hate and it doesn't bother her to lie.  I know she hates it, but I do pray for her.  I pray she opens her heart to Jesus before it is too late.  I hope she realizes before it is too late that yes, all that hate hurts the people around her, but it hurts her more.

Anyway....let's move on to something fun.  Like, maybe....Pondering With A Purpose.  The meme created and hosted by Brenda.  Every Thursday Brenda gives us a prompt to ponder on in any way we see fit.

This week's prompt:  switch

The most obvious meaning, I guess, is the switch that interrupts electrical current to turn something on and off.  They come in a lot of shapes and forms....



There is a railroad switch, which diverts a train from one track to another.  The saying "asleep at the switch" comes from that.  Napping at the switch results in baaaaad things!


We can switch places with someone and one of the better known examples is Disney's Freaky Friday where mother and daughter switch places.


And the last thing I thought of was a switch.  You know, if you're old enough, what I'm talking about.....a slim, flexible, whip-like bough cut from a tree for the purpose of spanking a young offender.

I don't know about you, but I don't miss those days at all.

That's all I've got for "switch" and I'm coming in awfully late today so I'd better get this posted before Thursday is over!


Brenda Youngerman said...

Stacy... I do hope things get better for you soon....

Thanks for pondering with me!

Simone said...

I'm so sorry that you are going to have to deal with the testing but hope the docs will find the answers.

I like your attitude with your family matters. All you can do is leave it to God to take care of. How does your daughter respond to you face to face after telling lies on Facebook? Does she usually deny or push blame? I'm praying that peace comes in the family.

Stacy said...

Thank you, both.

Simone...it's my daughter-in-law and she doesn't respond at all since she's won...and my son doesn't speak to me these days and I don't see my grandchildren. She apparently saw my daughter's rant at her because she has now blocked us from seeing anything on Facebook. But even before...no remorse for her actions, she is right and the rest of the world is wrong no matter what the subject. People who have met her and/or know the situation have suggested mental illness or the influence of demons. :/


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