April 04, 2013

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Well, it's Thursday and that means it's time to Ponder with a Purpose along with Brenda.  Pondering is a weekly blog hop that gives a prompt...usually just one word...and then it's up to the participants to make of it what they will.  It's always interesting to see how many ways one word gets interpreted.  You can join the fun or just read the other entries over at Brenda's blog.  Just click the button to the left or the link above.  Happy Pondering!

This week's prompt:  signs

I'm showing my age here, but the very first thing that pops into my head is this song:

The second thing I think of when thinking of signs is omens.  I'm currently in a pretty in-depth study of the biblical book of Revelation.  If you're not familiar with it, it's a book of prophecy that was revealed to John the apostle.  It's about the end of this age and the return of Jesus.  It's all about signs, omens, and things that must come to pass.  Everybody's interested in it, but not too many understand it.  Mainstream outlets (think the Left Behind series) have warped it so much and so often that most people accept the Hollywood spin as the real deal.

The third thing I think of is road signs since I spend so much time driving.  There are some crazy signs out there and I'm sure there is one for pretty much anything you can think of.

The last thing I think of is signing on the dotted line.  Am I the only one that gets the feeling, when done signing reams of paper for a new car or a loan or insurance, that I've signed away my life or my first born, or promised them a kidney or something if I can't make a payment?

Thanks for pondering with me.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


My Kid's Mom said...

I've had that feeling of signing my life away too.

Judy said...

Signing on the dotted line always makes my stomach hurt :)

retired not tired said...

I too think of signing not my life away but for a better life. Any thing I saw is good.

McGuffy Ann said...

My thinking immediately went to the song by The Five Man Electrical Band, 1971. It said a lot.

Rory Bore said...

Tesla did a very good cover of the song.
And I definitely think our whole world is "groaning" with signs of the times.
My stomach clenches just thinking about that dotted line..and usually lots of zeros.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Signing on the dotted line is definitely one of those experiences in which joy and trepidation come hand in hand! Glad you're writing again!


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