April 05, 2013

Springing Into Friday Fragments

Time for Friday Fragments with Mrs. 4444!

Mommy's Idea

The sun is shining!  The temperature is in the 50s!  Robins are looking for worms!  I think Spring has finally sprung!  I'm sure we'll get a few more surprises though....Old Man Winter never lets go of this part of Pennsylvania this early and we still have to have the "onion snow."  People are chomping at the bit anyway and flocking to the garden centers.

Our daughter just got the call a little bit ago....SHE GOT A JOB!!!  She had an interview yesterday at one of the local garden centers that has a history of hiring kids who have gone through either 4-H or FFA.  She said it was the fastest interview she's ever had, but felt things went well.  Guess she was right!  She starts next Wednesday.  Sooooo glad for this.....she needs the income, but more than that it's a reason to get up in the morning and get moving and I think it will boost her confidence, which she also needs.

Tim saw the orthopedic doctor for his hand yesterday.  If you don't know, he broke it last week then worked two full days before seeing our family doctor who then sent him for x-rays.  Men.  The good news is the doctor said it's a "good" break and no surgery is needed.  The bad news is that he has to have the temporary type cast on his hand for at least 3 weeks.


The arthritis in my ankle and the bone spur on the bottom of my foot hadn't been bothering me lately so Tim and I decided to take the dogs for a walk after supper tonight.  Turns out that wasn't the best idea.  Tim walked the little sissy poodle because of his broken hand, so I walked the hulking 70 lb. hound dog that pulls so hard (even with a harness on) he manages to choke himself.  Now I'm sitting here watching Storage Wars from the recliner with my foot propped up and iced and a fairly large dose of Tylenol zipping through my veins....on the way to my ankle, I hope.

On the bright (?) side, the hound shouldn't need to poop for about a week.  It's a good thing I took extra bags.  Seriously, how can one dog make that much poo?

I made Sunshine Cake tonight to take to church tomorrow.  I just found the recipe last Sunday and this is the second time I've made it.  It is amazing....mandarine oranges in the cake, pineapple in the frosting....soooooo good!  I shared the recipe here, if you're interested.

I think I'm going to call it a day and just relax and watch some television for a while.  Hope everyone's had a wonderful week.  I will be catching up on my blog visits over the weekend.  Looking forward to visiting you!


Cyndy Newsome said...

That cake sounds SO good!
My best friend is a school bus driver too. It takes a special person! I would lose my mind! LOL

Dawn Paoletta said...

Finally a break in the weather!
Glad your daughter got a job! That must be a altogether different level of worry as a mom. Adult Daughter size worry...oh, Lord. I can't go there yet! ANyway- hope your foot feels better...Take it easy. Enjoy and rest...Last week of W2G. Sigh. Have a restful weekend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Great news on your daughter's job!Good news on your husbands hand also. Sorry about your ankle. My husband loves those Storage Wars. Sounds like my daughters dog....poops all day long. When you shared that recipe I copied it and printed out for myself. Haven't made it yet but it sounds delicious.

Karen and Gerard said...

Congrats to your daughter on getting that job! The Sunshine cake sounds yummy; never heard of that one before. Maybe your dog would poop less if you fed it less?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Cake sounds yummy. I may come back for the recipe for next month's potluck. I baked brownies for tomorrow.

Yay for Megan getting a job! Praying that it is a blessing to her and her to them!

Hope your foot and Tim's hand both heal quickly!

Love ya!


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