April 21, 2013

Simple Sunday

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Outside my window... I see a chubby squirrel scurrying about the yard enjoying the dazzling sunshine and seeking last Fall's buried goodies.

I am thinking... it's going to be a quiet day at home.  With Tim suffering from kidney stones again and taking percocet and Megan fighting laryngitis and an ear infection....the two of them are doing a lot of sleeping.  I should be able to get lots of chores done.

I am thankful for... a God who loves me and cares about every detail of my life.

I am wearing... pj's and my favorite pink and white striped fuzzy robe....same thing I'm wearing every Sunday when I do this.  LOL  One of these days I might surprise you and be dressed.

I am remembering... the time I was driving a van home from a youth retreat in Ohio and was pulled over on suspicion of DUI!!  It's a funny story and some day I will share it on here.

I am going... to get moving when I finish this and make the most of this beautiful, but chilly day.

I am currently reading... the Bible.  I haven't been doing any reading just for fun this week.  I haven't had the time.  I'm studying writings on tithing and giving .  

I am hoping... to get a lot done today.

On my mind... I have an appointment to see a neurologist on Tuesday.  I've been experiencing "tingling" in my hands and feet since Christmas.  It isn't constant.  Some days I don't have it at all.  Some days it's mild.  Some days it drives me to distraction.  A deficiency in vitamin B-12 can cause it, but I take very high doses of B-12 because I was deficient (and didn't have tingling) and blood work done since shows my levels are fine.  Diabetes can cause it, but again, blood work always shows my sugar to be fine.  With those two eliminated, the next direction my doctor seems to be looking is MS.  I hope it isn't that.

Noticing that... my daughter and my husband are VERY much alike.  Neither is good at following doctor's orders.  Not good at all.  Both highly resent my attempts to encourage the following of those orders.  Both will claim to be deathly ill while at home to avoid what they don't want to do but some how find the reserve strength to go to work (Tim) or running around with friends (Megan).  And after not listening to the doctor and running around, they try to get me to wait on them because they feel soooooo bad.  It irks me when it's happening, but it's kind of funny after the fact.

Pondering these words... "We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. ~Romans 15:1-2.

In the kitchen...Clear counters for a change!  I'll be making meatloaf and corn on the cob later.

Around the house..the grass is needing its first cutting....which will have to wait till the sickies are feeling better.  The grass is their domain.  Before that happens a winter's worth of branches and twigs have to be picked up and gravel tossed by the snow blower will have to be raked.

One of my favorite things... going outside with the dogs early in the morning, just before dawn, when the night is at its darkest, and looking up and seeing all the stars.  (Earlier there is too much man-made light here to see much.)

A picture...

Taken a few years ago at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.


Dawn Paoletta said...

OK, again you have me thinking of food: Corn on the Cob at 8 in the morning, thank you! lol And I love to go out with the dog(s) early as well, and I look up at the stars as well. We are so much alike!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Our grass is close to knee high already. Lawn mower is in the shop. Oh well ...


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