April 07, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook - April 7, 2013

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Outside my window... A breezy, but beautiful Spring morning.  Sunshine and warmer temperatures have finally made it to this corner of the world!

I am thinking... more about what I want to do with this blog.  I'm just not thrilled with it.  Nothing will probably happen until summer, though.  That's when I will have lots of free time and hopefully, enough money to hire someone to design something for me.

I am thankful for... all the blessings in my life, whether I always notice them or not.

I am wearing... denim capris and a black t-shirt with a bright tropical print.  

I am remembering... long walks in the woods and countryside around my grandparents' home.  Walking a few miles once or twice a day was what we did for entertainment.  The things we saw...the things I learned...the conversations we had.  Life and the family were better then, simple and easy. 

I am going... get serious about this diet and exercise business starting today!  I have become such a slug this winter and I know that taking off some of this weight will do a lot to ease the aches and pains.

I am currently reading... a Christian romance that I downloaded to my Nook for free (I subscribe to Bookbub.com which finds the free and reduced price offers for me and sends me a daily email).  I know why this one was free.  It must be a first try for the author because it reads like a high school girl could have written it.  I'm not even enjoying it, really, but I'm stubborn...I always finish a book once I start it.

I am hoping... Tim's work picks up soon.  We could really use the overtime. 

On my mind... the topic that God seems to be directing me to for the first "sermon" I'll be giving, probably sometime this summer.  It needs refined, but something about how does a Christian go about defending the faith in today's world?  How do you know what battles to fight?  When do you let it go?  When you do stand up for Christian values, how do you do it?  This is all born out of what I see among the Christians on Facebook, blogs and in the news.  So many are choosing the path of confrontation and condemnation.  The Westboro Baptist Church would be the extreme, but there are plenty of good people out there that think nothing of jumping down someone's throat in defense of what they know is right.  I've heard argument after argument for both sides of the coin.  I want to dig as deep into the Bible as I can to find what God wants us to do.

Noticing that... I watch very little television these days and I don't miss it.  The only show I really consider "must see" TV is Duck Dynasty.  On the surface it's just another dumb reality show, but once you start watching you realize that there is a lot of faith there and the relationships between the couples are rock solid and inspirational.  It's nice, too, to see kids who are respectful of their parents and grandparents.

Pondering these words... Are some people just born evil?  The next book I'm going to read looks at this.

In the kitchen... some dirty dishes waiting my attention, papers that need cleared from the table, and  my grocery list and coupons waiting to go to the store later.

Around the house... it's just me on the laptop and the dogs settled in with rawhide bones.  Megan spent the night at a friend's and Tim went to try and settle things with a man who has supposedly been fixing his flatbed trailer for two years now.  The last time Tim drove by he didn't even see it.  If it isn't there or the guy can't show him where it is, he was planning to call the police.  I'm sort of on pins and needles and praying till I hear from him.  The man has drug convictions and a manslaughter conviction in his past.  The idea of a confrontation makes me nervous.  As for why Tim took the trailer to him....the guy is supposedly trying to turn his life around and Tim was trying to help him out.  His brother brought them together.

One of my favorite things... opening the pages of a brand new book.  I love the feel of the new, smooth paper and the smell of the glue and fresh ink.  Nothing like it!

A picture...

Taken by Megan at a local state park.  My baby has a very good eye.
She'd love to be able to do something with landscape photography.


Teri said...

Are some people just born evil? I've wrestled with that question much over my lifetime. My faith tells me no, since God endows every body with a soul and he makes only what is good. But how to explain homicidal sociopaths? Still contemplating...

Beth Zimmerman said...

Good Heavens, Stacy! Did Tim make it home okay?

Stacy said...

Teri...I've just started reading the book this morning. It's by Jonathan Kellerman, the best-selling author who is also a psychologist or -chiatrist who has studied psychopathic kids. I'm going to be mentioning it in today's post.

Beth...Yes, he did. The guy wasn't around and didn't answer his phone. Tim left him a message that he needed to hear from him by today. Nothing so far so now the plan is for Tim to go retrieve his trailer on Friday and then see the magistrate to see what to do to recoup the money he's out.


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