June 24, 2013

Change Is Brewing

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So much is swirling through my mind these days, I hardly know where to pause and what to put into print.  It feels like change is in the air, though I'm not really sure what kind of change and where it's going to take me.

The weekend began with heartache as a precious daughter still drifting and searching for her way in life, disagreed quite strongly, loudly, and tearfully with us over what should be expected of an adult child still living at home.

Before the dust had settled she packed up several bags of her belongs and "moved" down the street to stay with a friend.  It was for a few days, she said, because living together was obviously stressing us all and it would be for the best.  She wasn't wrong, but still a mother's heart cried out in pain.

With no nagging or condemnation, the prodigal returned two days later.  The grass, it seemed, was not greener on the other side.  Some lessons we have to learn for ourselves.

On the blogging front, I have signed up to take an online course next month to learn how to make money on my blog.  Blogging has been a hobby and yes, even a passion, for over 10 years....it's time to try for the big time.  Or at least the slightly bigger time.  I never want to lose sight of what God wants me to do or the
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message he wants me to spread in the quest for followers.  I continue to pray that any followers I have come to be fed by the words given to me.  That said....there are changes brewing.

God seems to be speaking one message to me these days....over and over.  That message is to be bold so that it will never be my fault that even one is lost.  Scary stuff, boldness.  In boldness there is testing, both spiritually and physically.  Will I endure?  Will I rest in Him who can give me strength?  Or will I struggle on my own, learning the hard way that strength only comes through leaning?

So many swirling thoughts.....

On to the counting...in the counting is the calming and the peace.

121.  A daughter who CHOSE to come home.
122.  An honest business that has agreed to correct a mistake for free.
123.  Cool water lapping at simmering, sun-soaked skin.
124.  A child splashing happily in the pool, squealing "Look at me!  Mommy, look at me!"
125.  Time lost in a good book.
126.  A sweet burst of juice as teeth break through the skin of a just ripe peach.
127.  Fewer and fewer days until vacation.
128.  Always managing to have just enough.
129.  A quiet afternoon in an empty house to watch a much anticipated chick flick.
130.  Toby tree blossoms falling to the ground like snow.


donna said...

Fro one mama to another.. HUGS! It is awesome when they "come home" on their own, but oh boy...it is never and easy thing to watch our kids learn lessons, right?
So glad I came for a visit via GenFab. We have much in common and I hope to get to know ya better though your writing. I am also on the cusp of taking those "next steps" to drawing an income from my blog, dealing with adult kids, making sure I keep in line with what HE wants for me :), etc.
Enjoy your week!!

Stacy said...

Thanks, Donna! Hugs are always welcome. :) It is so hard to watch, but dare I admit it....sooooo satisfying when they "discover" Mom was right all along.

That next step is a big one, isn't it? It will be nice to have someone else going through it, too. Have you signed up for the class I mentioned? I'm going to add the link to the post.


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