June 25, 2013

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday - June 25, 2013

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday is a fun little meme hosted by Amber of Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time.  She got the idea from Glamour Magazine, which has a section called Hey, It's Okay and lists a bunch of stuff it's okay to be okay about.  Sort of a celebration of our quirky-ness.

Hey, It's Okay...

....to wonder why Pittsburgh is contemplating banning Kenny Chesney from performing in the city in the wake of extremely poor behavior by his tailgating fans in the parking lots.  How about clamping down on the fans, instead?  Why do they need to sit in the sun and drink for an entire day before the show?

....to think the whole Paula Deen thing has been blown waaaay out of proportion.  Did she say a horrible thing?  Yes, but it was a long time ago.  She's admitted it and apologized for it.  She is a white woman of a certain era, raised in the South....certain things that to us seem so wrong were accepted norm.  She has said she doesn't believe the sentiment of the word.  Things that were once a habit can still sneak up on us now and then.  I understand we can't tolerate hate, but we also can't pick and choose what hate to tolerate.  Did Bill Maher lose his livelyhood when he called Sarah Palin a c***?  No, he didn't.  Would the media and everyone else be in such a tailspin if, oh...say Oprah, had called a white woman a "cracker" or a "honkie"?  I'm guessing not.  I'm not condoning hate or discrimination.  It's wrong.  I'm just saying that what's happening to Deen is in the extreme and if we are going to punish her, then we need to go after everyone who ever speaks a disparaging word against another with the same vigor...especially if they are a public figure.  Though I think a better route would be one of grace and forgiveness since she is repentant.

....to admit I liked reading Happy, Happy, Happy, Phil Robertson's autobiography.  There's a lot more to the man than even I thought.  He's quirky, yes (but...hey, it's okay), but he has solid down to earth values.  What that family has been through and to have come out the other side so solid and grounded is amazing.

....to also admit I'm going to read Willie Robertson's book next.

....that all the books I bought at the used book sale this past Saturday are still sitting on the kitchen table.  I probably should get on that today.

....to have gotten re-addicted to Pinterest and be pinning recipes like crazy.  I made one on Sunday and it was so yummy!  Definitely a keeper.  If you'd like to try Maple & Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin I've provided the link.
Recipe @ What's Cookin, Chicago?

....to have decided to postpone having a garage sale until August.

....to be over the heat and humidity already.

....to have had to turn away so my daughter wouldn't see my victorious grin when she moved back home after two days with a friend.

....to be trying to think up more stuff to be okay about so I don't have to get dressed and be a productive adult who washes dishes, cleans, does laundry, etc.

I guess that would be my cue to wrap it up.  You all have a good day!


Dawn Paoletta said...

Happy Tuesday, Stacy! Yum on that recipe and yes, please. And the whole Paula Deen thing...so on. Talk about a messed up mess- people really can't even see cuz everyone is walking around with poles in their eyes accusing everybody else and certainly cannot put things in perspective...yeesh. Out of whack and balance.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Recipe sounds good but I am trying to eat REALLY low carb (yes again) so sugar is out.

Your comment about Megan coming home made me grin! =)

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Yes, the heat is insane.

And yum, I must try that recipe. I would love it. My son is super picky and might not but oh well. Meat rocks.


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